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PermaTrak Concrete Boardwalk Literature Brochure


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Timber Boardwalk vs. Concrete Boardwalk: 6 Design Differences

History of Precast Concrete Products 

  • No required maintenance on boardwalk materials
  • Fireproof – More Information
  • LEED benefits
  • Pressure washable
  • Termite proof
  • Will not rot, warp or twist due to thermal changes
  • Precast process allows for integral color and texture options
  • Tested and approved Slip Resistance Class V for “broom finish to tread surface” – (per Cement Concrete and Aggregates of Australia) – More Information
  • Vandal resistant
  • Inherent strength and durability (50-75 year design life) from conventional reinforced concrete

  • Precast boardwalk materials allow for field flexibility for all terrains (alpine to desert terrain)
  • Easy to extend, reuse and relocate
  • Applicable for all environments, from arid to rainforest, preserving the natural environment
  • Simplicity of the system produces installation times approximately 4 times quicker than conventional timber boardwalk construction
  • Free of hazardous chemicals and fasteners
  • Field cutting not required, preventing contamination from hazardous preservatives
  • Precast concrete components can be designed for top-down construction