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Design Options for Road Shoulder Widening: Retaining Wall + Sidewalk or Boardwalk?

Posted by Jason Philbin on Jun 16, 2015 9:38:00 AM

As a landscape architect or engineer, you may have faced this situation before: where your client is looking for a solution to widen a road shoulder that has a steep slope off its side - in order to provide access for pedestrians and cyclists.

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Top Trails in North Carolina

Posted by Jason Philbin on Jun 1, 2015 8:30:00 AM

We're fortunate at PermaTrak to have worked on some new and exciting multi use trail projects near our headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Some of these PermaTrak structures are smaller pedestrian bridges or swale crossings. Others are wider boardwalks that help connect multi use trails or extend elevated greenways - for example, PermaTrak's boardwalk at White Oak Greenway (Cary), Panther Creek Greenway (Cary), or McAlpine Creek at McMullen Greenway (Charlotte). 

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Which Is Harder to Run On? Concrete vs. Asphalt for Runners

Posted by Jason Philbin on May 27, 2015 2:49:00 PM

I recently came across an article posted on Facebook from a fellow Charlotte triathlete about concrete vs. asphalt paving surfaces for runners. This article piqued my interest for a couple of reasons:

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News: PermaTrak Engineering Team Honored by ACEC Engineering Award

Posted by Jason Philbin on May 21, 2015 2:47:00 PM

We're pleased to announce that PermaTrak was designated as a state finalist for the ACEC (American Council of Engineering Companies) Indiana 2015 Engineering Excellence Awards Competition. The Wolf Lake Boardwalk, owned by the Hammond Port Authority, IN is a piece of $50 million worth of improvements to Wolf Lake and the surrounding area.

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Wetland Boardwalk Materials - Design & Construction [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Carrie Parada on Apr 15, 2015 2:52:00 PM

Comparing Pressure-Treated Timber, Composite and Concrete Boardwalks in Wetland Areas

Wetlands contain valuable and delicate ecosystems that must be preserved. Any boardwalk or pedestrian bridge built over a wetland must leave a minimal impact on the environment, no matter which material is specified. If possible, using top-down construction in a wetland area can have several benefits, numbered 1-3 below.   

You'll also find a pros and cons list comparing different boardwalk decking materials that can be used in a wetland area. Keep in mind, these bullet points are geared towards commercial boardwalk or pedestrian bridge projects through wetland areas, not residential applications. 

PermaTrak offers a cost-effective, maintenance free solution to designing and constructing boardwalks in wetland areas, with a low-impact on the surrounding environment. Below is a simple graphic to explain the benefits of designing and specifying a concrete boardwalk through sensitive wetland areas.

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Retrofitting Boardwalks with PermaTrak's Concrete Boardwalk System

Posted by Fritz Fromherz on Mar 31, 2015 1:22:00 PM

Retrofitting Piers, Pedestrian Bridges, Boardwalks, and more

Many popular trails and boardwalks have been built in beautiful settings that draw visitors regularly.

Those sites include timber or composite structures that are outdoors and in harsh environments. The trails and boardwalks eventually become worn and may exceed safe structural design guidelines and become functionally obsolete. There are trails that have deteriorated decks, substructures and foundations (the photo on the right is an extreme example of this). Designers and their clients are often faced with the need to replace portions of trails and boardwalks. In some cases, even the complete structure must be replaced.

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Which Multi Use Trail Materials Are Right for Your Project?

Posted by Jason Philbin on Mar 18, 2015 6:01:00 PM

A landscape architect or civil engineer has a variety of product choices when designing trails and multi use paths. As with any design project at the conceptual level, successful landscape architects and engineers will consider their client’s site features, environmental factors, and the overall intended purpose of their trail or path. And probably most importantly, their client’s budget!

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Boardwalk Construction Update: Upper Tampa Bay Trail Phase IV

Posted by Fritz Fromherz on Mar 6, 2015 1:52:00 PM

The installation of a PermaTrak concrete boardwalk for Hillsborough County's Upper Tampa Bay Trail Phase IV was completed in March 2015. Designed by Cardno TBE with engineering support from PermaTrakPepper Contracting of Tampa Bay was awarded the publicly bid project and started construction in early January. 

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Byways, Greenways and DIRTways: Simple Differences to Keep In Mind

Posted by Stephen Beach on Mar 3, 2015 4:04:00 PM

Trail Terminology

If you are a designer with experience in trails, you’ve probably heard plenty of the following terms outside of the common “multi-use trail,” including: multi-use path, bike path, bike trail, walkway, pathway, byway, greenway, linear park, dirtway, access trail, and more!

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Topics: Multi Use Trails and Greenways

Get to Know Your Piers: Timber vs. Concrete Fishing Pier

Posted by Fritz Fromherz on Oct 6, 2014 12:04:00 PM

Whether you fish every weekend or just occasionally, you know that not all fishing piers are created equal. Sometimes visiting an observation or fishing pier can less than ideal with unstable pile supports (see picture below) or cracking boards providing sharp wood slivers. The pier may also have a slippery surface after it rains or a hot and unforgiving railing to sit or lean against.

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