Boardwalk Construction: Concrete Boardwalk System

Boardwalk Construction: PermaTrak Boardwalk System

While the PermaTrak boardwalk system is comprised of individual precast concrete components - that doesn't necessarily mean that the boardwalk's foundation must also be precast concrete.

In fact, the PermaTrak system can be installed on many different foundation types - precast concrete piers, timber piles, cast-in-place concrete caissons, steel piles, precast concrete piles, etc. In all cases except the precast concrete piers, PermaTrak directly supplies only the precast concrete boardwalk components (caps, beams and treads) that go on top of the foundation system.

Several factors guide the decision process for selecting a boardwalk foundation type. The designer can calculate the dead load of a timber or composite structure. For a precast concrete boardwalk, PermaTrak is able to calculate dead load and forward to the designer. The live load should be the same regardless of the type of boardwalk specified, timber or precast concrete.

The foundation system for a PermaTrak structure is a function of the site's soil conditions and geotechnical recommendations. 

For more on determining the most cost-effective and durable foundation type for your boardwalk project, see "Boardwalk Foundations: Which Type Is Right for My Project?"

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