John Pyle Named Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Posted by Jason Philbin on July 28, 2020

We’re excited to announce that John Pyle has been named Vice President of Sales and Marketing. John joined the PermaTrak team in February 2019 as Regional Sales Manager, where he’s worked closely with many clients across the country to ...

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PermaTrak Announces Two New Precast Concrete Tread Textures

Posted by Jason Philbin on May 21, 2020

PermaTrak is happy to announce two new precast concrete standard tread textures, BeachSand and BeachWood.

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Comparing Wetland Boardwalk Materials: Timber, Composite & Concrete

Posted by Stephen Beach on May 5, 2020

Concerns for Designing a Boardwalk Over Wetlands Landscape architects and engineers who are building boardwalks over wetlands often have several concerns, including:

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How to Build a Boardwalk Over Wetlands: Top Down Construction

Posted by Fritz Fromherz on April 28, 2020

Top down construction for wetland boardwalks Designers working on wetland boardwalks often ask similar questions at the beginning of the project: how can we simplify the permitting process and how can we provide access to the area without ...

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PermaTrak Welcomes Nina Yordanova as Structural Engineer

Posted by Jason Philbin on April 27, 2020

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added a new member to the PermaTrak team—please join us in welcoming Nina Yordanova, our newest Structural Engineer.

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Designing Your Next Wetland Boardwalk: Top 4 Considerations

Posted by Jason Philbin on February 20, 2020

If you’re working on a trail project in a wetland area, you have two options for your design: reroute the trail for a longer path or go through the wetland with a boardwalk. Wetland boardwalks can be tricky, especially with permitting ...

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New Jersey Proposes New Funding Source for Boardwalks

Posted by Jason Philbin on January 15, 2020

New Jersey recently proposed a measure that could greatly affect how boardwalks are maintained and funded in the state. In this measure, state legislators proposed that boardwalks should be included in New Jersey’s definition of “public ...

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Can I Design a PermaTrak Boardwalk With a Cantilever?

Posted by Jason Philbin on December 12, 2019

Cantilevers are worked into the design of a boardwalk system when the landscape architect, civil engineer, or owner wants to get the end user closer to something, such as a scenic view, a body of water, or a point of interest. There are ...

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Joseph Wilkins Joins PermaTrak as National Contract Manufacturing Manager

Posted by Jason Philbin on November 20, 2019

Our team continues to grow with the exciting addition of Joseph Wilkins, who recently joined PermaTrak as our National Contract Manufacturing Manager. In his role, Joseph will be working closely with our manufacturing partners to promote ...

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Boardwalk Fire Resistance Ratings: How Owners Can Avoid Disaster

Posted by Stephen Beach on September 26, 2019

In 2008, a bushfire started near Comet Bay College in Western Australia, engulfing a vegetation reserve that includes a PermaTrak boardwalk. Visitors were shocked to see that the boardwalk was still functional, and did not look to have ...

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