Posted by Carrie Parada on August 6, 2015

Boardwalk & Pedestrian Bridge Widths: 5' to 14' Clearance [Photos]

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If you are an architect or engineer designing a boardwalk or pedestrian bridge, you may have a specific clearance width in mind. The dozens of professional designers I talk with each week tell me, "I need an 8' clearance or a 10' clearance for my trail project." Does this sound familiar?

If you have reached the point of determining the structure's clear width requirement, you may be wondering, "What is the minimum width for a PermaTrak boardwalk?" or "Can a PermaTrak boardwalk be produced for a custom width?"  

The minimum width for our boardwalk is 3'-9", and it increases all the way to 15'-4" wide. PermaTrak has standard concrete boardwalk tread widths of 3'-9", 7'-6", 11'-3" and 15'-4". For the most economical material cost, these tread sizes will be used. However, the tread size can be produced to any dimension in between these 3'-9'' and 15'-4''.  

Below are some pictures that may help you visualize these concrete boardwalk tread widths. These vary from 4' clear width for single lane traffic to a 14'-6'' clearance, which allows for multiple lanes of pedestrian and cyclist traffic. 

5' Wide PermaTrak Treads with Curb - Allowing for ~4' Usable Space


6' Wide PermaTrak Treads with Curb - Allowing for ~5' Usable Space


7'-6'' Wide PermaTrak Treads with Railing - Allowing for ~6-6'' Usable SpaceLive_Oak_Park_boardwalkBlackwater_MD_boardwalk

11'-3'' Wide PermaTrak Treads with Railing - Allowing for ~10' Usable Space


13'-4'' Wide PermaTrak Treads with Railing - Allowing for ~12' Usable Space


15'-4'' Wide PermaTrak Treads with Railing - Allowing for ~14' Usable Space


Side-by-Side 11'-3'' PermaTrak Treads - Allowing for ~22' Usable Space


Hopefully these photos help you visualize different boardwalk and pedestrian bridge clear widths. Let me know if you have any questions about space requirements for your project!

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