The maintenance-free concrete boardwalk system

for trail, greenway and pedestrian bridge projects

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Landscape Architects  PermaTrak was invented by a landscape architect as a durable alternative to  wood. See color & texture options here. Engineers  How can you design a boardwalk with reinforced, pre-cast concrete? Click here to learn more. Agencies & Municipalities  Boardwalks designed for commercial use. Read about maintenance costs, safety information and more.

Are you tired of wood boardwalks and bridges that require constant maintenance?

PermaTrak is a durable, maintenance-free commercial boardwalk system. Landscape architects and engineers design PermaTrak for pedestrian bridges, multi use trails, wetland boardwalks and observation piers.


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How does the PermaTrak Concrete Boardwalk System work?

Have you worked with wood or composite decking on a boardwalk or pedestrian bridge project? If so, you're probably familiar with timber posts, headers, runners/stringers and planks.

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Concrete Boardwalk Resources

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Installations Across the US and Canada

We started our small company with offices in OH, NC and FL - and have been expanding geographically ever since. This map represents the locations of installed PermaTrak concrete boardwalk systems across the US and Canada. If you would like to visit a project site to see a PermaTrak for yourself, send us a note and we'll provide more detailed driving directions.