Dennis T. Machida Memorial Greenway: PermaTrak Boardwalks in Action

Posted on May 1, 2023

The California Tahoe Conservancy published this video of the Dennis T. Machida Memorial Greenway, which features footage of 3 PermaTrak precast concrete structures in use.

Click here to learn more about the boardwalks on this project.

Video description by the California Tahoe Conservancy:

"In 2021, El Dorado County completed new sections of the Dennis T. Machida Memorial Greenway. Find out more about how trails like the Greenway connect the community, protect natural resources, and expand equitable access to our outdoors. And learn how―thanks to the leadership of Dennis T. Machida, the California Tahoe Conservancy's first executive officer―Tahoe partners are building the trail along a strip of public land once slated to carry a freeway through the middle of the south shore."


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