PermaTrak References - Past Clients

PermaTrak Boardwalk Client References

Projects in Cary, N.C. white-oak-greenway.jpg

  • Names: White Oak Greenway, Panther Creek, MacDonald Woods, Dunham Park, Annie Jones Greenway, Indian Creek Greenway, and others
  • Construction Timeline: Constructed over a two year span
  • Owner: Town of Cary Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resource Department
  • Contact: Mr. Paul Kuhn, Parks Planning Manager (Tel: 919-469-4360)

Projects in Northwest Indianawolf-lake-boardwalk.jpg

  • Names: Wolf Lake Boardwalk and Multiple Trail Structures
  • Construction Timeline: Installed over an 18-month span
  • Owner: Hammond Port Authority
  • Contact: Mr. Milan Krusynski, Port Authority Director (Tel: 219-659-7678)

Project in Charlotte, N.C. mcalpine-creek-greenway.jpg

  • Name: McAlpine Creek Greenway Boardwalk
  • Construction Timeline: Installed in Fall 2012
  • Owner: Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation Department
  • Contact: Mr. Rod Fritz, Project Manager (Tel: 980-314-1008)

Project in Glastonbury, C.T. Glastonbury_Multi-Use_Path_Trail_Design.jpg

  • Name: Multi-Use Path - Smith Middle School to Bell Street
  • Construction Timeline: Installed in 2011
  • Owner: Town of Glastonbury
  • Contact: Mr. Stephen Braun, Assistant Town Engineer (Tel: 860-652-7743)

(this References list last updated February 5, 2015)