Florida Concrete Boardwalk Photos

Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park - Tampa, FL

As part of a recent $35 million renovation at Tampa’s Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park, PermaTrak has come alongside the city’s designers, engineers and landscape architects to install an elevated concrete walkway, which park-goers can use to enjoy the new sites and amenities.

Barr Hammock Preserve - Micanopy, FL

A 450-foot long concrete boardwalk meanders through the Barr Hammock Preserve in Micanopy, FL. The 5,700-acre preserve contains 6.8 miles of natural trails built on an expansive levee system, and is popular with families, small groups, and birdwatchers.

Van Wezel Piers - Sarasota, FL

Four brand-new observation decks are featured right on the shoreline of Sarasota Bay adjacent to the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center. The previously installed weathered timber decks are gone and the new concrete PermaTrak decks enhance the spectacular views of the bay.

Upper Tampa Bay Trail Phase IV - Tampa, FL

The Upper Tampa Bay Trail is an 8-mile rail-trail that connects urban Tampa Bay with the surrounding rural area. The trail is primarily asphalt, and features two pedestrian bridges along its length. There is currently a 4.3 mile addition to the trail under construction; this new segment will connect the trail to Keystone Park and Austin Davis Public Library, and eventually to the 42-mile Suncoast Trail.

Included within the trail is 2400 LF of concrete boardwalk, with concrete boardwalk treads measuring 3' in lay length and 13'-4" in width. This PermaTrak boardwalk was designed for a 12' usable space for walkers, runners and cyclists who enjoy the extensive trail system. Read more about boardwalk construction of the Upper Tampa Bay Trail Phase IV here.

Harbor Village Kayak Launch - Osprey, FL

On the salty intercoastal waterway in Osprey, traditional boardwalk materials would be crippled exponentially over time by the rough marine environment. PermaTrak's modular precast concrete system void of steel connectors withstand the rough environment with high UV exposure and salt water abrasion.

Click to read the full project profile (case study) about Osprey Harbor Village's kayak launch and observation deck, a coastal construction project that includes an observation deck and kayak launch - providing a private condo complex with water access and a pleasant area to relax. 

Springhill Park Community Center Elevated Sidewalk - Tampa, FL

An urban boardwalk designed to utilize PermaTrak's low-impact precast concrete piers to avoid live oak tree root disturbance. Read more the City of Tampa's urban boardwalk through Springhill Community Center.

The option of using PermaTrak’s precast piers as a boardwalk foundation allows landscape architects and designers to bring pedestrians closer to the natural setting, trees in this case. They can afford this design feature without requiring the contractor to disturb the natural habitat of the project area.

Pompano Beach Blvd. Streetscape Improvement - Pompano Beach, FL

Concrete boardwalk decking used as an elevated promenade around a beach kiosk with restrooms and a snack bar. 

Live Oak Park Observation Pier - The Villages, FL

An inviting pier and observation deck where residents and visitors can enjoy sunset views over a grassland/wetland area. The walkway out to the observation deck provides a 5' clear width. 

North 22nd Avenue - Tampa, FL

Urban boardwalk using PermaTrak's precast concrete pier foundation system to minimize impact to the tree roots. 

Jupiter Inlet Boardwalk - Jupiter, FL

Open for inlet fishing 24 hours a day and subject to heavy pedestrian foot traffic, the boardwalk at Jupiter Beach park features a long stretch of concrete treads that provides a safe path for its many daily visitors. The reinforced, precast concrete offers a more durable, maintenance-free boardwalk material that can stand up to humidity, heat and UV exposure.

Over 5-10 years, the PermaTrak concrete boardwalk will save Jupiter Inlet District thousands in maintenance costs over traditional timber or composite decking materials; both of these materials were tested at this site to determine durability and maintenance requirements. Read more here about the Jupiter Inlet Beach Park boardwalk reconstruction.

PermaTrak Project Map

Other Notable Multi Use Trails in Florida

PermaTrak may not have a pedestrian bridge or boardwalk structure as part of these multi use trails. But as engineers who work with professional designers all over the state of Florida, we closely follow what's happening in the world of trail design and commercial trail projects in general. Below we've included a few notable commercial trails in Florida.

Suncoast Trail

The 42-mile Suncoast Trail weaves through Hernando, Hillsborough, and Pasco Counties, and includes agricultural, suburban, and natural areas. Perhaps its most impressive quality is its close proximity to the Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Preserve, an 18,000 acre nature preserve featuring pine flatwoods, cypress domes and freshwater marshes. Note: the Phase IV extension of Upper Tampa Bay Trail, with several extensive 15'-4'' wide PermaTrak boardwalk segments, runs along Lutz Lake Fern Road to provide a link to the Suncoast Trail. With longer straight sections and less road crossings, the Suncoast Trail is a great training ground for road cyclists. (photo by Daniel Oines)

Fred Marquis Pinellas TrailPinellas_Trail_Florida

One of the busiest rail trails in the country, the Pinellas Trail spans 47 miles and links Tarpon Springs and St. Petersburg, passing through 7 additional towns on the way. The trail is utilized by joggers, cyclists and inline skaters, and is completely handicapped accessible. The trail is primarily asphalt surface, 15 feet wide, with designated walking (5 feet wide) and biking (10 feet wide) lanes, while trail bridges span all major roadways, ensuring the safety of all travelers. Nearly 1 million people use the Pinellas Trail every year. Where space allows, the lanes are separated by a grass median. (photo by Pinellas County)

Florida Keys Overseas Heritage TrailFL_Keys_Overseas_Heritage_Trail_sm

The impressive Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail runs 106 miles from Key Largo to Key West, and incorporates 23 of the historic Flagler Railroad bridges. On top of typical trail activities like running and cycling, FKOHT also features opportunities for aquatic activities like snorkeling, fishing and paddling. The Trail also allows for many ecological experiences due to its proximity to Everglades and Biscayne National Parks, the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, and wildlife preserves for alligators, key deer, and the great white heron. The Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail construction was led by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and funded by the Florida Department of Transportation through a federal grant program for alternative transportation. Read more on this trail from Florida State Parks. (photo by

Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail TrailJacksonville-Baldwin_Rails_to_Trails_trail

This heavily-wooded 14.5 mile trail links the cities of Jacksonville and Baldwin, and features a wide array of Florida wildlife, including hawks, belted kingfishers, tortoises and alligators.The Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail runs through the Camp Milton Historical Preserve, formerly a Confederate encampment during the Civil War.  The Preserve features defensive earthworks, a period homestead, and an arboretum with extensive boardwalks. Travelers will likely see naval aircraft practicing carrier landings at nearby Jacksonville Naval Air Station as well. The trail is a partnership between the City of Jacksonville, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and several other local and regional organizations. (photo by jalexartis)