Georgia Concrete Boardwalk Photos

Adams Park - Atlanta, GA

Installed on helical piers via top down construction, the Adams Park boardwalk weaves over a man-made lake to form a trail loop in Atlanta's Adam's Park. Read more about this project here.

Camp Creek Greenway Trail - Lilburn, GA

The City of Lilburn completed several upgrades to its Camp Creek Greenway Trail in 2016, including PermaTrak's pedestrian bridge product that is new to Georgia. The greenway was first constructed in 2007 along Camp Creek in Lilburn City Park. It now stretches a total of 4.2 miles between Killian Hill Road and Rockbridge Road. Because the greenway was built in the floodplain, the boardwalk elevates walkers, runners, and cyclists above the marshy areas and streams.

PermaTrak Project Map