Indiana Concrete Boardwalk Photos

Wolf Lake Boardwalk - Hammond, IN

The Wolf Lake Trail in Hammond, IN is a popular multi-use trail owned by the Hammond Port Authority - 20 minutes outside of Chicago. A PermaTrak boardwalk connects the North and South Trails into a 10K loop that includes crossings over Wolf Lake and through Wolf Lake Memorial Park. Kayakers and paddleboarders can cross underneath the boardwalk, which rises up to 15' above the water surface in some places. 

When completed, the Wolf Lake Memorial Trail will run 6.2 miles bordering the west side of Wolf Lake. The asphalt trail is set to open in spring of 2016.

The video below shows Leon's Triathlon race coverage over the PermaTrak boardwalk at Wolf Lake. Enjoy!

Northside Business Park Trail - Portage, IN

370' meandering boardwalk extending a multi use trail, one of several INDOT PermaTrak boardwalk projects. 

Wolf Lake South Trail Crossings (6) - Hammond, IN

Six identical boardwalk crossings, each 20’ in length, designed and installed throughout the Wolf Lake South Trail to allow proper drainage into the lake. 

PermaTrak Project Map

Other Notable Multi Use Trails in Indiana

PermaTrak may not have a pedestrian bridge or boardwalk structure as part of these multi use trails. But as engineers who work with professional designers all over the state of Indiana, we closely follow what's happening in the world of trail design and commercial trail projects in general. Below we've included a few notable commercial trails in Indiana.

B-Line Trail 



The 3-mile B-Line Trail runs through downtown Bloomington, giving travelers easy access to a variety of local businesses. The trail features multiple fitness stations and four plazas featuring public art, businesses, and theaters, which were made possible through the sponsorship of the Bloomington Board of Realtors.

Photo credits:

Photo 1: lobstar28

Photo 2: WFIU Public Radio

Delphi Historic National Recreation Trail

The Delphi Recreation Trail runs 7 miles and is made using canal towpaths, stream corridors, and abandoned railroads. The trail runs along the only accessible watered section of the canal left in Indiana, and also features the Canal Conference Center, which was built with the help of the Indiana Department of Commerce. The trail itself was built over 9 years by dedicated volunteers.

Monon Rail-Trail

This 8-mile rail trail connects suburban Indianapolis to downtown areas like the Indianapolis Art Center and Indiana State Fair Grounds, as well as local schools and dozens of local businesses. Nearly 1.2 million people use the Monon Rail-Trail, making it one of the busiest in the nation.



The 23-mile Rivergreenway connects the cities of Fort Wayne and New Haven, running along the St. Joseph, St. Mary, and Maumee Rivers. Perhaps the most interesting part of the trail is the Historic Old Fort, which shows visitors what frontier life was like in the early 1800's. The Rivergreenway was made possible through a partnership of three greenway advocacy groups: the Greenway Consortium, Aboite New Trails and Northwest Allen Trails.

Photo credit: brian kelly