Concrete Boardwalk Treads On Display - City of Long Beach, NY

Posted: February 8, 2013

White Oak Greenway concrete boardwalk resized 600As I wrote several months ago, our team at PermaTrak feels deeply for the families and communities in the Northeast after Hurricane Sandy's destruction. You all remain in our thoughts and prayers as the cleanup and rebuilding efforts continue.

As a boardwalk company making a significant impact in the Southeastern United States, we’ve recently started to receive a number of calls and emails from designers and contractors responsible for the reconstruction of several commercial boardwalks in the NY and NJ area. These have included professionals working on the Rockaways Beach boardwalk, a boardwalk and pier in Montgomery County, the Long Beach boardwalk, and the Seaside Heights boardwalk.

Concrete Boardwalk Sample Northeast Commercial Boardwalk resized 600

We are excited by the prospect of helping cities, towns, small businesses and families rebuild the beautiful boardwalks they long remember. As many are now familiar with the concrete portions of the Coney Island Boardwalk and Rockaways Beach Boardwalk, it may be difficult to envision how our product differs from these stamped concrete slabs.
Our product uses actual concrete treads that mirror the look and feel of traditional wood boardwalk planks, without all of the maintenance associated with timber.

In order to fully demonstrate the durability of our boardwalk system, we are currently displaying a portion of a PermaTrak boardwalk section at the City of Long Beach. The PermaTrak concrete treads on display are 15’4” long, 5.5” thick and 36” wide. These treads are shown in the top picture on a boardwalk segment for the White Oak Greenway in Cary, NC.

Sample Concrete Boardwalk Demo Area resized 600

While many are familiar with concrete boardwalks in service at Coney Island Boardwalk and Rockaways Beach Boardwalk, PermaTrak brings a new product to the market for consideration. The boardwalk system we introducing to the Northeastern market is designed and constructed with modular, reinforced, precast concrete components.

If you are interested in visiting to see our boardwalk product in Long Beach, you can reach me for more details: through email or directly at (980) 229-3036. We look forward to hearing your feedback!