North Carolina Concrete Boardwalk Photos

We're fortunate at PermaTrak to have worked on some new and exciting multi use trail projects near our headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Some of these PermaTrak structures are smaller pedestrian bridges or swale crossings. Others are wider boardwalks that help connect multi use trails or extend elevated greenways - including White Oak Greenway and Panther Creek Greenway in Cary and McAlpine Creek at McMullen Greenway in Charlotte. 

Crabtree Creek Greenway Extension - Cary, NC

A 727-foot concrete boardwalk runs along Lake Crabtree in Cary, NC, extending from Black Creek Greenway and connecting to Evans Road. The project also features the first Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon for trail users, improving safety crossing a busy street.

Tanyard Branch Greenway - Chapel Hill, NC

Tanyard Branch Greenway in Chapel Hill, NC, features two PermaTrak concrete pedestrian bridges. The trail runs along Tanyard Branch and was designed around steep slopes and large trees in the area. 

Campbell Creek Greenway Extension - Charlotte, NC

The Campbell Creek Greenway is the latest connection to Mecklenburg County’s McAlpine Park Greenway network, increasing the overall trail length to just over five miles. The designed path called for six boardwalk structures, some of which crossed several utility lines and small streams, complicating foundation placement. The site was also narrow in some areas with 100-foot protection barriers, and minimizing impact to the area was of utmost importance.

Quarry Park Pedestrian Bridges - Winston-Salem, NC

What was once considered a “hidden gem” for fishing and swimming in Winston-Salem, Quarry Park has been reinvented as a premier park in the area. A 40-foot PermaTrak pedestrian bridge connects visitors to a nearby residential area, and across the park, a 50-foot bridge takes visitors through an oak forest.

Cedar Trails Greenway - Winston-Salem, NC

The Cedar Trails Greenway, located in Winston-Salem, NC, is a half-mile trail that contains a 28-foot pedestrian bridge over Muddy Creek, connecting neighbors in the New Sherwood Forest neighborhood.

Smith & Sanford Greenway Pedestrian Bridges - Wake Forest, NC

The Town of Wake Forest, NC, has been gradually expanding its greenway system over the last 20 years. In the latest project at Smith and Sanford Creeks, 2.4 miles of greenway trail connect the downtown district to two other major greenways, eventually connecting to a third trail. Click here to learn more about this project.

Flat Branch Preserve - Charlotte, NC

The recreational trail in Charlotte now includes two PermaTrak boardwalks (323 LF and 44 LF walkways) through wetlands and heavily wooded areas. The preserve also includes observation decks that can serve as outdoor classroom spaces, called "wetlands classrooms" (photo below).

According to Mecklenburg County, the 44-acre Flat Branch Preserve site is "one of the largest upland mafic depressions (swamp forests) remaining in Mecklenburg County, NC. Click here to read more about this project. 

Crescent Green Greenway- Cary, NC

Cary, NC's Crescent Green Greenway's two PermaTrak boardwalks (7.5 ft. wide treads) take visitors through the area’s spectacular wooded views. Wedge panels were used in this project created a gradual radius for the north and south crossing boardwalks.

The 60 linear ft. north crossing boardwalk features one turn, while the south crossing boardwalk features two different gradual zig-zagging turns, making this area ideal for runners, walkers, or leisurely meanderers. 

White Oak Greenway - Cary, NC

The White Oak Creek Greenway is a 4.7 mile trail that runs throughout the town of Cary, North Carolina. The 10-foot wide, paved asphalt trail is linked to several local parks, and city officials plan to eventually link it to the American Tobacco Trail, North Carolina's longest rail-trail. Currently, the Greenway connects four local trails: Black Creek Greenway, Davis Drive Street-Side Trail, Park Village Greenway and Batchelor Branch Greenway.

This commercial boardwalk is designed for an H10 live load, and provides a 14' clear width for cyclists, walkers and runners.

Wake Forest University - Winston Salem, NC


McAlpine Creek at McMullen Greenway - Charlotte, NC

The McMullen Greenway is a 6-mile, horseshoe-shaped series of greenways on the southern outskirts of Charlotte, NC. The trail consists primarily of wooden boardwalks over wetlands; however, the trail's northwestern end is gravel. The area is filled with a variety of wildlife, including the Great Blue Heron.

The PermaTrak concrete boardwalk over McAlpine Creek on McMullen Greenway provides a 10' clear width for Charlotte's greenway users. Read more about the design challenges for this project here, or click below to watch a video on its slip-resistant Sandblast texture. 

Piedmont Crossing Retirement Community - Thomasville, NC

Many engineers and architects have asked us, "What is a bioswale?" To learn more, see our informational blog post on bioswales, with construction photos from this crossing at Piedmont Retirement Community.

MacDonald Woods Park - Cary, NC

Judaculla Rock Observation Platform - Cullowhee, NC

PermaTrak's 1st installed project in North America. Designer Fred Grogan of Equinox Environmental reported, “The PermaTrak system was selected for this project over a wooden structure based on a number of factors. These included ease of ongoing maintenance, ability of prefabricated components to easily achieve design intent of the observation deck, as well as minimal installation costs by utilizing in-house Jackson County employees.”

This ancient soapstone boulder, covered with deeply-etched petroglyphs of unknown origin, dates back to 1000–200 B.C. and contributes archeological significance to the area. Read more about the historic site here or read the full Judaculla Rock project profile here

PermaTrak Project Map

Other Notable Multi Use Trails in North Carolina

Our boardwalk design team works closely with landscape architects and civil engineers across North Carolina on commercial trail design projects. So it's safe to say we are advocates for the development of more multi use trails trails in North Carolina. Below we've included several notable commercial multi use trails in North Carolina.

Panther Creek Greenway

The Panther Creek Greenway is a 1.5 mile trail running through Cary, North Carolina. The Greenway will extend from the Cameron Pond Planned Development District to Cary Park Lake. The cost of the project is approximately $1.4 million, and funds were raised from the 2012 Community Investment Bonds referendum. The trail will help link various parts of Cary's greenway system, and will cross over Panther Creek and include a boardwalk as part of the project.

The American Tobacco TrailAmerican_Tobacco_Trail

The American Tobacco Trail will eventually run over 22 miles from downtown Durham to New Hill in Wake County. The northern length of the trail is asphalt and allows for runners, cyclists, and rollerbladers, while other sections contain a softer material (screened, crushed stone) that allows for equestrian use. The rail trail allows access to schools, local businesses, and parks. The ATT is a designated segment of the 2600-mile Urban Appalachian Trail connecting cities from Maine to Florida. The ATT was built by the Triangle Rails to Trails Conservancy (TRTC), a state chartered non-profit organization. Its purpose is to work with local and state government officials to preserve local abandoned railroad corridors for uses such as recreational trails. (photo by VirtKitty)

Kings Mountain Gateway Trail

The Kings Gateway Mountain Trail currently runs 4.3 miles from the city of Kings Mountain, but will eventually extend some 10 miles and connect Kings Mountain to Crowders Mountain State Park, Kings Mountain State Park, and the Appalachian Trail. Over 100,000 people use the trail’s fitness loop every year. The trail is a combination of asphalt and gravel.The trail is sponsored by almost 30 corporate and private donors. 

Little Tennessee River Greenway

The 5-mile Little Tennessee River Greenway features a wide array of activities from cycling, hiking and rollerblading to Frisbee golf, canoeing and picnicking. The trail includes three pedestrian causeways including a historic steel suspension bridge. Built with asphalt and gravel, the trail was initially begun through a partnership between Duke Power and Nantahala Power and Light, and ran along a strip of land bought for a power line.  Eventually, community leaders formed the Friends of the Greenway (FROG) to expand and maintain the trail and its facilities.

Dismal Swamp Canal TrailDismal_Swamp_Canal_Trail_North_Carolina

This 8.5 mile trail runs adjacent to the Dismal Swamp Canal and allows for cycling, running, and rollerblading, and provides easy access points for canoeing and kayaking. The trail also runs through the 112,000 acre Great Dismal Swamp Refuge. The refuge is home to an astonishing array of wildlife, featuring over 200 species of birds, 96 species of butterflies, as well as white tailed deer, black bears, bobcats and river otters. The area has historical significance as well, as it was home to George Washington’s Great Dismal Swamp Company, which sought to drain local swamps to create arable agricultural land, and was an important stop for the Underground Railroad. (photo by US Army Corps of Engineers Norfolk District)

Send us a note if you'd like your trail added to the list!