Ohio Concrete Boardwalk Photos

These boardwalk projects in Ohio range from stream crossings to man-made wetland boardwalks for multi use trails. If you'd like to visit a site and see the PermaTrak product for yourself, you can view exact project locations on the home page's concrete boardwalk project map.

Beckett Park Multi Use Trail - West Chester, OH

Beckett Park gives visitors an extensive trail system that provides ample space to walk, run, fish or bike. PermaTrak boardwalks connect these pathways in two locations: above an existing weir wall and through a man-made wetland area. PermaTrak was chosen for its cost-effective solution to these existing items and for its design flexibility to accommodate the desired curved alignments of each boardwalk, 60 feet and 87 feet long. Read more about this project here

Michael J. Zone Recreation Center - Cleveland, OH

An urban streetscape improvement project in Cleveland, OH with multiple swale crossings. 

Big Walnut Trail - Gahanna, OH

The Big Walnut Trail is a 5-mile multipurpose trail providing access for walkers, joggers, bicyclists and families with strollers to seven parks, the Gahanna Golf Course, Gahanna Swimming Pool and downtown Gahanna. Running from Morse Rd. in the north to Pizzurro Park in southern Gahanna, Big Walnut Trail is part of the Gahanna Bikeway Master Plan. It was designed to protect and preserve the city’s natural resources while allowing residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy the natural area without disturbing its beauty or integrity. The PermaTrak boardwalk was chosen for this trail in large part to its ability to align with the intent of the Big Walnut Trail. The boardwalk was installed on a cast-in-place pier (Sonotube) foundation.

Shale Hollow Preserve - Delaware, OH

Two vehicular bridges over a stream for a park entrance. 

Beech Road - New Albany, OH

A pedestrian walkway is a solution for widening the road when there is a downward slope and water to the side. The other design option was a retaining wall and backfill - read more here.

Riverside Drive Park - Dublin, OH

Small stream crossing for a cross country running trail in Dublin, OH. This small pedestrian bridge provides a 8' clear width for runners and hikers. 

PermaTrak Project Map

Other Notable Multi Use Trails in Ohio

PermaTrak may not have a pedestrian bridge or boardwalk structure as part of these multi use trails. But as engineers who work with professional designers all over the state of Ohio, we closely follow what's happening in the world of trail design and commercial trail projects in general. Below we've included a few notable commercial trails in Ohio.

Village of Bluffton Pathway

The Village of Bluffton Pathway is a 3-mile rail-trail that spans the entire town of Bluffton connecting local parks and recreational facilities. The trail allow for typical running and biking, but also for additional outdoor activities like horseback riding, and kayaking.

Stavich Bike Trail

The 12-mile Stavich Bike Trail crosses two states, starting in Struthers, Ohio and ending in New Castle, Pennsylvania. The trail connects three townships and two counties through wooded countryside providing lovely views of the Mahoning River. The trail allows for running, biking and hiking in the summer, and cross-country skiing in the winter.

Congressman Ralph Regula Towpath Trail

The Congressman Ralph Regula Towpath Trail is a 25-mile section of the Ohio & Erie National Heritage Canalway, a planned 300-mile trail system that will span much of Stark County. The trail follows the path of the historic Erie Canal from Summit to Stark County, passing through the cities of Canal Fulton, Navarre and Massillon. The area is rich with history, featuring four local museums, a statue of Senator and astronaut John Glenn, and boat rides on an authentic canal boat.