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Project Profile


Filed under: Coastal, Florida


Charlotte County, Florida officials wanted to create a long lasting and durable connection across Tamiami Trail and between the east and west sides of Live Oak Point over Charlotte Harbor. The area is a growing tourist attraction with a large resort being constructed nearby, and a safe crossing needed to be designed for visitors and residents. The County also wanted to develop structures that would withstand extreme weather conditions and required little to no maintenance. The design and material also needed to meet Florida Department of Transportation (DOT) standards and should be made by an approved precaster. 



The County, along with designer Kimley-Horn, worked closely with PermaTrak to design a series of four precast concrete boardwalk structures, ranging in length from 84 ft. to 847 ft. that also included fishing piers, a boat launch, and several bump-outs for viewing the beautiful Florida Gulf sunsets. The design and material also met Florida DOT requirements.

The durability of the structures were quickly tested as a hurricane hit the area not long after installation, and once the storm had passed, Charlotte County was pleased to see that there was no damage to the structures. The resulting project was a durable, maintenance-free walkway and observation area for tourists and residents to enjoy for many years to come.

Location: Charlotte County, FL
Designer: Kimley-Horn

Technical Description

Boardwalk Length(s): 84 ft., 100 ft., 579 ft., 847 ft.
Tread Width(s): 11 ft. 3 in., 15 ft. 3 in.
Color: Melbourne Tan
Texture: Timber
Installation Date: October 2019


Coastal, Florida