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Project Profile

Lake Lawne Regional Stormwater Facility at Barnett Park


Officials in Orange County, Florida, wanted to design two crossings for an expanded stormwater canal and pond at Lake Lawne Park. These waterways were designed to not only provide a natural filtration system for stormwater, but to create a scenic view for park goers. 

Slip-resistance was a primary concern for the design team, who wanted to find an option that was also durable with a long life cycle. According to Michael Statham with Orange County Parks and Recreation, “The main things that affect us here are the sun, our wet and dry seasons, and algae growth. These factors can create a lot of maintenance issues, and we wanted to find a product that has a longer expiration date.”


PermaTrak was selected to design the pedestrian bridges, providing a precast concrete solution that was more durable and maintenance-free compared to timber. A sandblast texture was used on the treads to provide a slip-resistant surface for walkers and bikers. “It’s a much more permanent solution to a boardwalk,” says Statham. “For this project, the traction issue was alleviated, and provides a much longer term than typical boardwalks.”

Location: Orlando, FL
Designer: CPWG Engineering

Technical Description

Boardwalk Length(s): 116 ft., 127 ft.
Tread Width(s): 7 ft. 6 in.
Color: Natural Concrete
Texture: Sandblast
Installation Date: October 2017