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Project Profile

Plum Creek Nature Area and Connecting Path


The Village of Kalida, a vibrant, growing community in Ohio, knows parks and recreation amenities are crucial for enhancing the quality of life for its residents. That’s why, in 2008 when they began planning their neighborhood’s Four Season’s Park, they conducted multiple surveys asking what people look for in a community park. The results overwhelmingly put walking paths at the top of the list. 


The Village of Kalida identified a 13-acre property called the Plum Creek Nature Area, directly between Four Seasons Park and the existing Froggy Park. The Village wanted to connect both its parks to the Village residents while ensuring the highest levels of pedestrian safety. The parks’ popularity had led to people crossing roads for access, which amplified the need for safe passageways. The terrain also necessitated elevated pedestrian bridges and handrails. 

For the elevated pedestrian bridges, the Village of Kalida and Kalida Park Board needed a solution that could rely significantly on the installation efforts of volunteers.



PermaTrak’s precast concrete boardwalks and elevated pathways offered a solution in line with the Village of Kalida’s goals. 

With a design life of 50-75 years, concrete boardwalks are an attractive option that stands up to the seasons. Through the cold of the winter and heat of the summer, PermaTrak’s reinforced treads will not bow like pressure treated wood or timber – which reduces the risks of trips or falls. PermaTrak’s tread texture also offers improved slip resistance, as compared to timber and composite materials.

The simplicity of the PermaTrak system also allowed for the Kalida Lions Club, a local volunteer organization, to install the pedestrian bridge with over 12,000 volunteer hours.

In total, this project includes an elevated walkway, four pedestrian bridges and almost a mile of walking paths that connect several subdivisions, neighborhoods, the Kalida Library, and Kalida High School.  Park Board member Kent Kahle reflects, “It is very gratifying to see a project like this go from a dream to reality. I truly believe this project, as well as others going on right now in our Village, will help our community prosper into the future.”

Location: Kalida, OH

Technical Description

Boardwalk Length(s): 253 ft. & 289 ft.
Color: Natural Concrete
Texture: BeachWood
Installation Date: 2021