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Concrete Boardwalk Components: Typical Section

The PermaTrak product is comprised of individual precast concrete components that make up a complete boardwalk system. 

A typical PermaTrak boardwalk system includes the following components:

  • Precast concrete pier system (if suitable) – consisting of a base, riser(s) and cap

  • Reinforced, precast concrete beams (up to 45 feet) – as opposed to stringers, runners, headers, and/or joists from a timber boardwalk

  • Reinforced, precast concrete treads – as opposed to wood planks or boards on a timber boardwalk system
  • Internal polyurethane connector pins as required

  • Precast concrete toe curb (if needed)

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Spherical "mushroom shaped" polyurethane pins that connect PermaTrak beam to precast cap or precast abutment.

On the bottom of each beam there are two pre-formed holes; these holes are to receive the spherical connecting pins. 



Precast piers consist of a precast base, riser and cap. The heights of each component is 6'' nominal. Additional risers are stacked on each other to increase pier heights. Caps are the bearing elements for the precast beams and are connected via spherical "mushroom shaped" pins.

The caps serve as the transition components to begin the PermaTrak boardwalk system (beams and treads).



Instead of headers, runners and stringers found on wood or composite decking boardwalks, PermaTrak designs and produces precast concrete beams. These beams are the load bearing elements that support the treads. Standard beam sizes range from 10' up to 45' in length.  



Reinforced, precast concrete treads make up the walking surface of the PermaTrak system. Standard color and texture options are available. Treads interlock via precast tongue and groove connections. 

Minimum Width: 3’-9”
Maximum Width: 15’-4”
Thickness: 4'' and 5.5'' 

Free Download: PermaTrak Components Technical Sheet PDF



When the grade separation is less than 30'', precast concrete curbs can be supplied by PermaTrak. Often they are used as a “warning bumper” or “toe curb."



"L" shaped shallow foundation component, typically used for beginning and ending condition at boardwalk-trail intersection. Continuous rounded abutment channel accepts the spherical connecting pins. 

Widths: 3'-9''



Concrete Boardwalk Components

Precast Concrete Treads

On a conventional boardwalk system, these components are referred to as “planks” or “boards.” PermaTrak treads are reinforced, precast concrete members that interlock via a tongue and groove connection.

  • Minimum Widths = 3 feet 9 inches
    Maximum Width = 15 feet 4 inches (custom widths available)
  • Tapered (pie-shaped) treads available for boardwalks and pedestrian bridges with curves (see layout examples)
  • Thickness = 4 inches and 5 ½ inches

  • Length = up to 4 feet (in the direction of travel)
  • Standard Colors : Natural Concrete, Adelaide Grey, Daintree Green, Melbourne Tan, Savannah Brown (additional cost) – see Standard Colors
  • Engineered per code requirements with standard design loads for pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Heavier loads are evaluated by our engineering department
  • Lastly, PermaTrak treads are installed with a gap between them for water to drain. The gap is 1/8 inch at the bottom and widens to 3/8 inch at the top (walking surface). See more photos here

Precast Concrete Beams

Instead of "headers," "runners" and "stringers" found on wood or composite decking boardwalks, PermaTrak designs and produces reinforced, precast concrete beams. These beams are the main structural load bearing elements of the boardwalk system. 

Standard beam sizes range from 10 feet up to 45 feet in length. They can be thought of as three different general sizes:

  • Small: up to 10 feet span and can handle H-5 loading (10,000 lb. vehicle)
    • Small beams are 7 inches wide and 9.5 inches tall
  • Medium: 10 feet - 20 feet span and can handle up to 30,000 lb. vehicle
    • Medium beams are 11 inches wide and 14 inches tall
  • Large: 20 feet - 45 feet span 
    • Beam depth can vary, please contact us for more specific design information

Note: depending on the project site and project requirements, beam spacing should be coordinated with the foundation type for the most economical boardwalk design. Set up an appointment with our engineering team to evaluate your options. 

Potential for top down construction is available with all of these beam size options.
  • heavy_loading_boardwalk_permatrak.jpg
  • Hurricane_Creek_Pedestrian_Bridge_-_26_Span_mini.jpg

Additional Foundation Types

Keep in mind that the foundation type under the PermaTrak cap components aren't always the base and riser(s) supplied by PermaTrak. 

In fact, the PermaTrak system can be installed on many different foundation types

Regardless of the foundation type, the caps serve as the transition point from the foundations to the PermaTrak boardwalk system (beams, treads, optional curbs).

Visit the concrete boardwalk construction page to see step-by-step installation procedures or click to learn more about the boardwalk design process.

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