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Karina Veaudry, a Landscape Architect and Landscape Ecologist from Native Florida Consulting, comments on her experience meeting with Franek and designing projects with the PermaTrak product.

The PermaTrak system was invented by Franek Savarton in response to a major South Australian tourist facility’s need for a boardwalk that would traverse a penguin rookery site. The challenge was to design a system that was attractive, modular and could to be installed by modestly-skilled labor. In response, Franek developed a system that cost effectively met the challenges and needs of a coastal environment.

As a landscape architect and the owner of Franek Savarton and Associates, Franek maximized the challenge, turning it into an opportunity to impact the way boardwalks would be built going forward. Combining an innate sense of design, along with an understanding of engineering, Franek realized that he could develop a complete system for the construction of boardwalks that was durable, design-flexible and eco-friendly.

Today, the PermaTrak system is used throughout Australia and is recognized as the standard for boardwalk construction. The product is building a global reputation for excellence, most recently in the United Arab Emirates. Franek maintains his own practice in addition to actively promoting and developing the PermaTrak system worldwide.