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PermaTrak Pedestrian Bridges Installed at Light Farms Community – Celina, TX

Posted by Fritz Fromherz on January 19, 2017

PermaTrak Pedestrian Bridges Installed at Light Farms Community – Celina, TX

Two PermaTrak pedestrian bridges have been installed at the upscale Light Farms master-planned community in northern Texas. The impressive Light Farms community features two oval tributaries (about 300 ft. apart) with one PermaTrak boardwalk bridge to span each water source. Each of the PermaTrak structures are designed to meet up with an extensive existing trail system that surrounds the tributaries, providing more connectivity for Light Farms dwellers to enjoy their many neighborhood offerings. The installed tributary pedestrian bridge stretches 70 linear feet at 9 ft. 3 in. wide, while the second tributary crossing is 20 LF at the same width.

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PermaTrak Boardwalk Installation at Josey Lake Park – Cypress, TX

Posted by Fritz Fromherz on January 4, 2017

PermaTrak Boardwalk Installation at Josey Lake Park – Cypress, TX

Construction is approaching the halfway mark at Josey Lakes Park in Cypress, TX, a new 100-acre park featuring a 3-mile long detention pond recreational waterway. Once completed, PermaTrak concrete boardwalks will meander alongside portions of Josey Lake, linking up with existing trails and allowing visitors access to enjoy the park’s expansive water and wetland areas.

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Timber Boardwalk Replacement at Pirates Cove Greenway - Cary, NC

Posted by Stephen Beach on December 13, 2016

Pirates Cove Greenway Improvements: Boardwalk Replaced and Shifted

After getting an estimated 20 years out of the timber boardwalk at Pirates Cove Greenway, the Town of Cary, NC decided it was time for a change.

While the decking seemed to be in decent shape for public use, the timber railing had deteriorated over time. With the boardwalk's worn headers and stringers, as well as a widened stream channel that was impacting the concrete pier foundations, the Town of Cary opted to remove the entire structure and start from scratch.

The new PermaTrak boardwalk is positioned further away from the stream channel to avoid an existing sewer line and to account for the stream's movement and expansion over time.

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Beach Boardwalks & Walkovers in Florida - DEP Guidelines

Posted by Carrie Parada on December 8, 2016

Boardwalks and Walkovers for Florida Beaches: Permitting, Florida DEP, and Design

Many of us have traveled to Florida with friends or family to enjoy the hundreds of miles of beaches the state has to offer. The tourism industry has a $67 billion economic impact on the state of Florida, with an estimated 87.3 million visitors a year.

So it’s no surprise that enhancing public access to these beaches and providing durable structures to encourage tourist enjoyment of these beaches is a high priority for local towns and cities, as well as county and state agencies.

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PermaTrak Boardwalk Installed at Adams Park – Atlanta, GA

Posted by Carrie Parada on November 21, 2016

Adams Park in Atlanta, GA - PermaTrak Boardwalk Installation

The recently finished PermaTrak boardwalk at Adams Park completes a quarter mile long walking trail at the historical 32-acre regional park in Southwest Atlanta. The 6 ft. 6 in. wide boardwalk extends for 209 linear feet (LF) and crosses over the man-made Logan Lake. With the boardwalk segment in place,  park goers can cross over the water and enjoy the path’s full loop around the lake.

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Featured Designer: Michael Henn, PLA of LANDology in Texas (Oct 2016)

Posted by Carrie Parada on October 11, 2016

The PermaTrak featured designer article series showcases top performing landscape architects and engineers who discuss their design perspective, current projects, challenges and accomplishments.

This month’s featured designer is Michael Henn from LANDology in Houston, TX. He is a project manager and landscape architect tasked with expanding the master plan community efforts in the business.

We talked with Michael about his approach to design, how he navigates public planning meetings, and what sets him apart from other landscape architects.

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PermaTrak Wetland Boardwalks Installed at Clabber Creek Trail in Arkansas

Posted by Fritz Fromherz on October 4, 2016

Clabber Creek Wetland Boardwalk Installation 

PermaTrak boardwalk construction is wrapping up at Fayetteville’s Clabber Creek Trail this week. Two 12 ft. wide PermaTrak boardwalk sections are included in this new ¾ mile long extension of the existing trail. 

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PermaTrak Footbridge Crossings Installed at Rotary Trail - Birmingham, AL

Posted by Fritz Fromherz on September 7, 2016

PermaTrak footbridge crossings at Rotary Trail

The first ever PermaTrak boardwalks in Alabama are now open to the public in Birmingham, in the form of two footbridge crossings on Rotary Trail. As part of Railroad Park, the new Rotary Trail is part of a larger effort to revitalize the downtown Birmingham area.

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Boardwalk Construction at Allen Water Station - Allen, TX

Posted by Fritz Fromherz on August 29, 2016

Boardwalk Construction at Allen Water Station (Texas)

PermaTrak boardwalk construction at Allen Water Station in Allen, TX will be completely finished by the end of August. The walkway overlooks Allen’s historical Old Stone Dam and connects to a new steel truss bridge that extends over Cottonwood Creek, allowing visitors access to enjoy the scenic view of the waterway and surrounding trees.

The PermaTrak boardwalk construction at this unique location is part of an improvement phase on the Cottonwood Creek Hike & Bike Trail. Allen’s Community Development Corporation and Collin County grants funded the project.

PermaTrak boardwalk and pedestrian bridge designs typically feature softer curves using tapered treads. This unusual layout with sharp turns and more angular edges is a first, unlike any other PermaTrak boardwalk project to date.

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Multi Use Boardwalk Construction at Atwood Lake Park, OH

Posted by Carrie Parada on August 16, 2016

Boardwalk Construction at Atwood Lake Park, Ohio

PermaTrak concrete boardwalk construction on the northern point of Atwood Lake in Ohio is nearing completion. The multi use boardwalk bridges a segment of the lake, connecting the trail to the newly constructed Atwood Welcome Center. This addition gives park goers the ability to bike, jog and hike across the lake’s boardwalk as a continuation of the trail.

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