PermaTrak Engineering Layouts

Sample Engineering Layouts - PermaTrak Typical Sections

These detail the PermaTrak boardwalk system's basic components. Click “download” to download a PDF of each sample drawing.

  • Straight Boardwalk Layout and Section with Curb (7'-6'' tread)
    Download PDF
  • Straight Boardwalk Layout and Section with Railing (11'-3'' tread)
    Download PDF
  • Curved Boardwalk Layout and Section with Railing (11'-3'' tread)
    Download PDF
  • Straight Boardwalk Layout and Section with Railing (15'-4'' tread)
    Download PDF

Are you looking for a typical boardwalk section or starting on preliminary design documents for your project? Contact our engineering support team for boardwalk design and layout assistance. 

Horizontal Alignment - Minimum Radii

PermaTrak's skewed treads allow designers to incorporate curving sections of boardwalk into their trail or greenway projects. But how can you know if a PermaTrak boardwalk will allow for a tight enough radius to match your trail's intended alignment? Below is simple chart and accompanying sketches to show the minimum guidelines for radii for various PermaTrak tread sizes. 

Nothing is set in stone, but these radii shown in the drawings below allow for the best use of PermaTrak's precast concrete beam lengths. In other words, we can tighten the radius but it may require an additional pier to allow the beam to run the radius.

Tread Width

Minimum Width

3'-9'' to 7'-6''


7'-6'' to 11'-3''


11'-3'' to 15'-4''





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