10 Year Anniversary: Glastonbury Multi-Use Path

Posted: December 29, 2022

In October of 2011, PermaTrak installed a multi-use boardwalk path in Glastonbury, CT using top-down construction, with sandblast texture, Adelaide Gray color, and a gray railing.

On the ten-year anniversary of the installation of the path, we caught up with Glastonbury Assistant Town Engineer, Stephen Braun to gauge his feedback.

“The surface is as good as ever and the system is rock solid,” says Stephen of the boardwalk. “It gets heavy use – the parking lot is always full and over the past decade, we’ve had no complaints or issues.”

Picture taken in November 2022, 10+ Years After Installation

Stephen reports that the treads have also stayed true, with no trip hazards resulting from the popping up of treads, a safety issue that is typical of timber boardwalks. 

The 150-foot boardwalk extends through a protected wetland area, and is popular with bicyclists. “One of our concerns at the onset was the tread surface. With the grade and curvature of the path, we wanted to avoid the sliding of bikes,” says Stephen. “The sandblasted surface is still there and gritty – exactly what we needed for this project. The surface is as good as ever.”

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Topics: Boardwalk Durability/Maintenance