Tampa selects PermaTrak for Urban Boardwalk in Springhill Project

Posted: May 2, 2011
springhill permatrak boardwalk constructionIf someone says the word “boardwalk” to you, what kind of images are likely to pop up?  A low-lying structure through sand dunes, leading to the beach?  Perhaps a family vacation picture on a boardwalk at Myrtle or Atlantic Beach, a section of golf cart path, or a walking trail through swamps and wetland areas.  For our society’s sake, hopefully MTV’s Jersey Shore TV show doesn’t crack the top 5!  Most wouldn’t think of an urban setting for a boardwalk, but we’re out to change that. 

The PermaTrak concrete boardwalk system can be applied in an urban setting just as easily as through wetlands, sand dunes, or a lake (sometimes easier, when the foundations can be simplified in urban settings).  The City of Tampa came to this conclusion for itself recently, inking PermaTrak as the boardwalk system of choice within their Springhill Community Center Urban Renewal Project.

PermaTrak’s “Smoke” color (a darker gray shade) and “Broom” textured precast concrete boardwalk was selected for the elevated walkway.  The majority of the urban boardwalk will allow pedestrians to walk approximately 15’’ above the natural ground as it stretches 144’ long and 5’ wide.  Finally, a 4’’ x 4’’ PermaTrak matching precast concrete curb will provide a functional safety measure and double as an appealing finishing touch with no visible hardware.

Pedestrians will be able to stroll over the urban boardwalk and through the Springhill Community Center (over the boardwalk and through the community center, to grandmother’s house we go….nevermind) without disturbing the existing oak tree root systems. The design flexibility of PermaTrak’s shallow, precast piers allows the 144’ boardwalk to traverse over the root systems of several large oak trees, similar to a PermaTrak concrete boardwalk just completed at Hilton Head’s Mellow Mushroom Restaurant.

The option of using PermaTrak’s precast piers as a boardwalk foundation allows landscape architects and designers to bring pedestrians closer to the natural setting, trees in this case. They can afford this design feature without requiring the contractor to disturb the natural habitat of the project area. All they have to do is specify the use of PermaTrak, it’s really very simple!

The general contractor BCBE, Inc. is currently constructing the Springhill Community Center Urban Renewal Project. BB&B Construction Services has been designated as the subcontractor to install PermaTrak’s urban boardwalk. Project completion is expected to conclude by late May.

Contractor: Boran Craig Barber Engel Construction Co., Inc.

Subcontractor: BB&B Construction Services, Inc. 

Owner: City of Tampa Department of Parks & Recreation 

If you’re in the area and would like to see an application of PermaTrak’s urban boardwalk, please follow directions to the following address: N 11th St & E Humphrey St, Tampa, FL 33604. Safe travels!

Topics: Boardwalk Materials, Sustainability/Environmentally Friendly