Commercial Boardwalk Materials: An Honest Comparison [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted: August 10, 2015

When it comes to the big three commercial boardwalk materials (wood, composite decking and concrete), the competition is steep. We realize it can be difficult to find reliable information through the plethora of sales pitches, discussions at trade shows, online or print ads. Sugarcoated or incomplete information can make more work for designers or owners researching their boardwalk or pedestrian bridge options.

Before we jump into the direct comparisons, one thing we do know - PermaTrak's precast concrete material is not always going to be the best fit. Watch the 2-minute videos below to learn more: 

At PermaTrak, we understand that no single boardwalk product is perfect for every scenario and project. A concrete boardwalk may be ideal in one place but timber or composite decking might be better suited in another. Even though a precast concrete boardwalk material can offer many positive benefits, we realize that no boardwalk product is perfect. 

So - wood decking, composite decking, or precast concrete - which is truly the best material for your project? It’s high time for an honest comparison of the major boardwalk materials.

A Breakdown of Commercial Boardwalk Materials: Timber, Composite and Concrete

PT_Material Comparison_Infographic 



Top 10 Checklist: Selecting a Boardwalk Material

Note: the infographic above explains some of the pros and cons of different boardwalk materials when used in a commercial setting. See this article for more information on residential boardwalk applications

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