Top 3 Benefits of PermaTrak's Concrete Boardwalk System

Posted on August 28, 2014

Architects and engineers often come to PermaTrak when they have a specific design challenge they're addressing for a client. This is most often for a commercial boardwalk system or pedestrian bridge project. Over the years we've identified specific characteristics, 3 in particular, for the types of projects where PermaTrak provides the most long-term value to an owner.

We've found that the projects that benefit most from our PermaTrak system have 1 or more of the following requirements. The boardwalk system must be:

  • A long-term solution that doesn't require ongoing maintenance
  • Durable and able to withstand heavy pedestrian or cyclist traffic
  • Able to support heavier loads- such as a maintenance cart, ambulance or other vehicular load

If you're a designer working on a boardwalk or pedestrian bridge project, and you have 1 or more of these requirements for the boardwalk product you will specify, this video is for you. Click below to watch Jason Philbin dive deeper into this explanation. 


Read the full transcript below: 

Many times I'm asked by landscape architects and designers, "My client is very concerned with maintenance. They want something that's durable." Or maybe they want something that can just support some heavier loading. Well those are three areas that are very common, and are areas where we have had a lot of success in helping designers solve those issues for new owners.
  1. From a maintenance standpoint, our product is a no maintenance boardwalk system. It is something that is designed for 50 to 75 years design life, and I don't think you'll find that in any other material that's out there on the marketplace right now. Our warranty supports those similar types of ranges, also, and you'll see that they exceed those that are in some of the other materials out there.
  2. Where they have the need for a durable boardwalk system, PermaTrak is a reinforced concrete product. It is designed to be durable, and just by the nature of the material, it is something that's going to be long-lasting, and be able to withstand the foot traffic and the traffic that you might want on a heavily used bikeway or greenway system.
  3. Designing a boardwalk that's over seven feet wide, you're required by code to design for vehicular loading. You may not know it when you think of vehicular loading on a boardwalk system, but it's actually required by the design guidelines.
Our system can easily support those types of loads, and we've even had cases where they put a drill rig on top of the boardwalk system, which is quite a substantial loading condition. So we can design for those heavier loads, whether they're vehicular or pedestrian. Those are things that we can design for. So keep in mind: 
  • loading conditions
  • durability
  • maintenance 
are three issues where we really shine as a boardwalk system.

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