• lutz-lake-fern-road-connector
  • lutz-lake-fern-road-connector
Project Profile

Lutz Lake Fern Road Trail Connector


Initially designed as an at-grade sidewalk, the Lutz Lake Trail Connector consistently faced flooding issues due to a high water table. Given the lack of adequate drainage, the sidewalk inadvertently acted as a dam, leading to water accumulation and backing up onto the nearby roadway, presenting hazards for both pedestrians and motorists.

The county’s primary goals were to elevate the pathway, thereby preventing water pooling on the roadway, and to ensure a low-profile structure that wouldn't obstruct natural water flow or become an eyesore. There was also a strong preference for durable materials as Florida’s humid and wet climate had resulted in experiences with deteriorating wood.



PermaTrak's engineering and design team provided the ideal solution, the low-profile series. It was chosen for its minimalistic design and ability to offer maximum drainage, ensuring the roadway remained clear even during heavy rainfall. Being pile-supported, this low profile series had the thinnest structure possible, eliminating the concerns of creating another inadvertent dam effect.

Collaborating closely with the local designers, PermaTrak ensured the county received a full set of signed and sealed design drawings upfront, facilitating a smooth permitting process. Today, the Lutz Lake Trail Connector offers residents a safe, durable, and environmentally considerate pathway, free from the challenges that once plagued the area.


Location: Tampa, Florida
Designer: WSP
Installer: Gosalia Concrete Constructors

Technical Description

Boardwalk Length(s): 210ft
Tread Width(s): 7'6"
Color: Natural Concrete
Texture: Beachsand
Installation Date: May 2022