• Wolf River Boardwalk
  • Wolf River Boardwalk
  • Wolf River Boardwalk
Project Profile

Wolf River Greenway Phase 14A


The Wolf River Greenway Phase 14A project in Memphis, Tennessee, presented several design challenges. The project route traversed through a State Natural Area and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) was adamant that the new greenway could have no adverse effects on the surrounding wetlands and floodplain. In addition, a majority of the project could be inundated with several feet of floodwater by the nearby Wolf River 

With these requirements in mind, the designers knew an elevated structure, ease of construction, and the ability to withstand repeated flooding would be necessities. Previous timber boardwalks in other areas of the greenway were ongoing maintenance headaches as they were continually damaged by flooding and also proved to be fall hazards due to the slick tread surface when wet.



PermaTrak was selected as the solution for the new boardwalk in Wolf River Greenway Phase 14A. Having previously installed PermaTrak boardwalks in other phases, the Wolf River Conservancy had witnessed the durability and flood-enduring nature of precast concrete. The Wolf River Greenway now features a durable and reliable elevated pedestrian walkway, meeting the needs of the community, facilitating safe and enjoyable outdoor experiences along the Wolf River, and contributing to the conservation of the local environment.


Location: Memphis, Tennessee

Technical Description

Boardwalk Length(s): 222ft, 2,681ft
Tread Width(s): 15ft. 4in.
Color: Adelaide Gray
Texture: PermaPlank
Installation Date: 2021