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Campbell Creek Greenway Extension - Charlotte, NC [VIDEO]

Campbell Creek Greenway is the most recent addition to the McAlpine Greenway network in Charlotte, NC, adding 1.5 miles to the existing trail. Six concrete boardwalk structures were installed throughout the path, crossing utility lines and streams. Designers McKim & Creed and Alta Planning + Design wanted a long-term, cost-effective solution that would have minimal disturbance to the area.


The trail was designed with athletes in mind and was built to be an inviting green space for runners, walkers, bikers, and rollerbladers. PermaTrak’s concrete boardwalks created crossings that are sturdy, durable, slip-resistant, and maintenance-free.

Recently, Fillnow Coaching held a workout session at the trail that included both running and yoga. Check out the video below to see them in action and hear first-hand how the boardwalks at Campbell Creek enhanced their experience.

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In addition to answering PermaTrak-specific questions, our team of engineers and technical consultants aims to provide educational resources for designing and building boardwalks, pedestrian bridges, trail and greenway systems. Enjoy!  

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