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Project Profile

Spencer Creek Stream Improvement

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Multiple flooding events along Spencer Creek in St. Peters, MO led to bank erosion and sediment buildup near Boone Hills Drive. The narrow trail that ran along the creek through a residential area was damaged and deteriorating, and featured a steep slope that was becoming more difficult to navigate.

After multiple short-term fixes, the City of St. Peters began to look for a long-term solution that would shore up the stream banks, provide a safer slope for pedestrians, and improve the overall look of this trail section.


After some research and a site visit to a similar project in Indiana, city officials ultimately selected PermaTrak to design a new, 280-foot elevated boardwalk to replace the existing paved trail. By elevating the trail, the city was able to better stabilize the creek and create a gentler, curved ADA-compliant slope that was easier for users to traverse. Given the environmental sensitivity of the area, city officials didn’t want to perform constant maintenance on the boardwalk, and PermaTrak’s maintenance-free precast concrete system fit the bill.

With over 90% of St. Peters residents living within a mile of a city park, the area’s 24-mile trail system is a popular amenity with residents, and the city is pleased to add an instant landmark that is a focal point for the community.

Photo credit: GBA Architects and Engineers

Location: St. Peters, MO
Contractor: Ideal Landscape Group

Technical Description

Boardwalk Length(s): 280 ft.
Tread Width(s): 11 ft. 3 in.
Color: Savannah Brown
Texture: Timber
Installation Date: July 2017