PermaTrak Project Profiles: Concrete Boardwalks and Pedestrian Bridges

Since its introduction to the US and Canada in 2010, landscape architects and engineers have designed commercial projects using the PermaTrak concrete boardwalk system for various types of applications: fishing piers, urban walkways over sensitive tree roots, pedestrian bridges, elevated greenways, wetland boardwalks and more. The project profiles below share specific boardwalk design and construction challenges. Enjoy!

Project Profiles in: boardwalks

Moore Park Boardwalk

The Moore Park boardwalk used the PermaTrak system for cost-effective, quick installation that minimized environmental impact.

Tags: Wetlands & Floodplain, Boardwalks, Observation Platforms, Lakes & Lagoons, Texas

Sawgrass Country Club Golf Cart Bridges

PermaTrak re-establishes multiple golf cart bridges on the East Course of Sawgrass Country Club.

Tags: Boardwalks, Florida

Shot Pouch Greenway

PermaTrak boardwalk adapts to swampy conditions with top-down construction and customized design for helical pier foundations.

Tags: Wetlands & Floodplain, Boardwalks, South Carolina

Wake Forest University Davis Field Road

Elevated boardwalk revitalizes Wake Forest's Davis Field, preserving cherished Oak trees in the heart of campus life.

Tags: North Carolina, Boardwalks


Cross Charlotte Trail - Brandywine to Tyvola

The Cross Charlotte Trail is a 30+ mile trail and greenway facility that stretches from one end of Charlotte to the other, providing bikers and pedestrians a seamless pathway through the city.

Tags: North Carolina, Boardwalks

Galveston Island State Park Dune Crossing

Designers needed boardwalks that would allow tourists at Galveston Island State Park to reach the gulf, walk along the coast, and experience the park without pedestrians causing erosion and destroying the beach’s historic sand dunes.

Tags: Boardwalks, Coastal, Texas

Pikes Peak Summit Complex

Pikes Peak Summit Complex has 3 concrete crossings of various sizes, providing access for visitors while maintaining a low-maintenance boardwalk that withstands the harsh temperatures.

Tags: Boardwalks, Observation Platforms, Colorado

Eisenhower Golf Course

Eisenhower Golf Course has 17 concrete crossings of various sizes, providing access for golfers while preserving the network of stream channels.

Tags: Stream Crossings & Pedestrian Bridges, Boardwalks, Maryland

Katie Seashole Pressly Softball Stadium

A 140-foot precast concrete walkway along the outfield fence at University of Florida's newly renovated softball stadium.

Tags: Boardwalks, Florida


Brookside Drive to Winslow Augustine Park

In New Haven, CT, a pedestrian walkway in a heavily wooded area connects a neighborhood to an existing 1.5 mile path.

Tags: Boardwalks, Connecticut

Spencer Creek Stream Improvement

A 280-ft. elevated boardwalk provides an ADA-compliant slope for pedestrians and aids in helping the City of St. Peters better stabilize a local creek.

Tags: Boardwalks, Missouri

Boardwalk Replacement at Camp Creek Greenway Trail - Phase 2

A 958 ft. timber boardwalk was replaced at Camp Creek Greenway Trail in Lilburn, GA. This is the second PermaTrak project on this 4.2 mile trail.

Tags: Boardwalks, Georgia

Hot Springs Creek Greenway Trail

Built along a stream, the 276-foot boardwalk at Hot Springs Creek Greenway uses micropiles to minimize disturbance to tree roots.

Tags: Arkansas, Boardwalks

Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park Boardwalk

Tampa's $35 million park design features an event space, boathouse, athletic facilities, and a network of paths and trails for walkers and joggers.

Tags: Boardwalks, Florida

Elliott Way Boardwalk

A cantilevered 351-ft. PermaTrak concrete boardwalk system provides an extended walking surface for pedestrians along a busy road.

Tags: Boardwalks, New York

Farmington Canal Heritage Trail Extension

A Connecticut DOT-designed project featuring roughly 854 total feet of boardwalk surface that is rated for H-15 (30,000 lb.) vehicles.

Tags: Boardwalks, Connecticut

Barr Hammock Preserve

Two concrete boardwalks meander through the Barr Hammock Preserve in Micanopy, FL. The 5,700-acre preserve contains 6.8 miles of natural trails built on an expansive levee system.

Tags: Boardwalks, Florida


Campbell Creek Greenway Extension

The Campbell Creek Greenway is the latest connection to Mecklenburg County’s McAlpine Park Greenway network, increasing the overall trail length to just over five miles.

Tags: North Carolina, Boardwalks

Upper Bee Branch Creek Channel, Streets, and Utilities

The City of Dubuque, Iowa undertook a large scale channel realignment project in 2015, which called for flood mitigation and urban park development.

Tags: Iowa, Boardwalks

City of Sarnia Riverfront Boardwalk 

In 2014, a nearly 1,200-foot long timber pedestrian promenade in Ontario’s City of Sarnia was nearing the end of its life.

Tags: Boardwalks, Canada

Norwottuck Branch Rail Trail Boardwalk

The Norwottuck Rail Trail is an 11-mile path that links several towns along the former Boston & Maine Railway.

Tags: Boardwalks, Massachusetts

Beech Road Boardwalk

In New Albany, OH, engineers with EP Ferris and Associates were working to widen the shoulder along Beech Road to provide safe access for pedestrians and cyclists.

Tags: Boardwalks, Ohio


Upper Tampa Bay Trail

The Upper Tampa Bay Trail is a walking, biking, and cycling trail in Florida. The trail enhancement project required several segments through wetland areas.

Tags: Boardwalks, Florida

White Rock Creek Trail 

The White Rock Creek Trail is a 7.6 mile linear trail heavily used thoroughfare by walkers, runners, and cyclists.

Tags: Boardwalks, Texas

White Oak Greenway Underpass at NC Turnpike

The White Oak Creek Greenway had a section removed due to I-540 construction. The Town of Cary needed to rebuild this segment to maintain trail functionality.

Tags: North Carolina, Boardwalks

Glastonbury Multi-Use Trail

A safe and durable boardwalk section was needed to extend a new multi-use path through a protected wetland area in Glastonbury, CT.

Tags: Boardwalks, Connecticut