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Project Profile

Wake Forest University Davis Field Road

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The Davis Field Project at Wake Forest University involved re-establishing a roadway and pedestrian walkway at the heart of the university's campus, a vital area known for its natural beauty and significance in campus life.

Since the original road's removal in the early 1990s, the trees in Davis Field had grown uninterrupted for over 25 years, presenting significant challenges to re-establishing a road and walkway without disrupting the natural landscape.

Designers needed a walkway for heavy pedestrian and student traffic, while preserving the surrounding environment and not disturbing the tree-roots.


PermaTrak worked with Stimmel Associates designers on an elevated boardwalk that would allow pedestrians to cross-over tree roots undisturbed.  The design included specific elevation considerations to account for the breadth of tree-root systems, ensuring minimal impact.

The design factored in the boardwalk’s location immediately adjacent to a roadway, ensuring pedestrian safety with railings offset 2 feet from the road.

The project successfully re-established a crucial roadway and pedestrian path for the campus, while preserving the natural beauty of Davis Field.

Location: Winston-Salem, NC
Designer: Stimmel Associates

Technical Description

Boardwalk Length(s): 81ft., 114ft.
Tread Width(s): 9ft. 6in.
Color: Savannah Brown
Texture: BeachSand
Installation Date: August 2022