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Project Profile

Shot Pouch Greenway


The primary challenge for Shot Pouch Greenway was creating an accessible pathway for pedestrians through a swampy wetland, filled with dense tree roots and other vegetation. The site conditions necessitated that the boardwalk be installed “from above” or using the “top-down” construction method. There simply was no room for large machines to move in and out of the swamp except through the path of the boardwalk. 

The designers also had to pivot from originally planned cast-in-place concrete foundations. Instead they turned to helical piers, with varied spacing to bounce back and forth between tree roots. Designers also needed a solution for a segment of the trail that was partially underwater.


While timber was the base-bid, the owner chose PermaTrak due to the product’s durability and no-maintenance aspect. 

The PermaTrak engineering team worked with Alta to provide custom beam lengths that were specific to the varied helical pier locations. The engineers also demonstrated design flexibility, in revising initial drawings to accommodate for top-down construction and the machine loading requirements.

For the segment where water was higher, the precast beams include low chromium steel to give them more corrosion resistance.

The project successfully connected Dillon Park in the north to Swan Lake in the south, giving walkers, joggers, and bikers additional connectivity and new opportunities to experience nature.


Learn more about Shot Pouch Greenway on the City of Sumter's website.


Watch this video to see how top-down construction was used to install the Shot Pouch Greenway boardwalk:

Location: Sumter, SC

Technical Description

Boardwalk Length(s): 50ft and 970ft
Tread Width(s): 11ft 3in and 13ft 3in
Color: Melbourne Tan
Texture: Beachwood
Installation Date: June 2023