PermaTrak Project Profiles: Concrete Boardwalks and Pedestrian Bridges

Since its introduction to the US and Canada in 2010, landscape architects and engineers have designed commercial projects using the PermaTrak concrete boardwalk system for various types of applications: fishing piers, urban walkways over sensitive tree roots, pedestrian bridges, elevated greenways, wetland boardwalks and more. The project profiles below share specific boardwalk design and construction challenges. Enjoy!

Project Profiles in: wetlands-floodplain

Moore Road Park Boardwalk

The Moore Park boardwalk used the PermaTrak system for cost-effective, quick installation that minimized environmental impact.

Tags: Wetlands & Floodplain, Boardwalks, Observation Platforms, Lakes & Lagoons, Texas

Shot Pouch Greenway

PermaTrak boardwalk adapts to swampy conditions with top-down construction and customized design for helical pier foundations.

Tags: Wetlands & Floodplain, Boardwalks, South Carolina

Thompson Oaks Greenway Trail Boardwalk

The Dakota County council decided to turn a closed municipal golf course into a restored natural wetland to enhance their community and broader water systems.

Tags: Wetlands & Floodplain, Minnesota

PSEG Estuary Enhancement Program

Three boardwalks and observation platforms for oyster reclamation projects in Port Norris, NJ.

Tags: Wetlands & Floodplain, New Jersey


Louisiana Children's Museum

PermaTrak was selected to design a walkway and signature entrance to the museum, including an elliptical observation deck for visitors to view wildlife and plantings.

Tags: Wetlands & Floodplain, Stream Crossings & Pedestrian Bridges, Observation Platforms, Louisiana

Halls Bayou Trail

Halls Bayou in Houston, TX is a densely wooded enhanced flood drainage canal collecting storm water that eventually joins up with Greens Bayou.

Tags: Wetlands & Floodplain, Texas

Clabber Creek Trail Extension

In Fayetteville, AR, the proposed route for a 0.75-mile extension of Clabber Creek Trail brought the trail through some of the city’s flood-prone wetlands.

Tags: Wetlands & Floodplain, Arkansas

Camp Creek Greenway Trail

In Lilburn, GA, a nine-year-old wooden boardwalk above a marshy floodplain was facing significant deterioration due to rotting and general wear and tear.

Tags: Wetlands & Floodplain, Georgia

Lower McAlpine Creek Greenway 

Located in a floodplain, Lower McAlpine Creek Greenway in Charlotte, N.C. experienced several storm events that caused debris to build up under a truss bridge.

Tags: Wetlands & Floodplain, North Carolina


Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge Boardwalk

Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia is one of the most-visited wildlife refuges in the United States.

Tags: Wetlands & Floodplain, Virginia

Beckett Park

Beckett Park gives visitors an extensive trail system that provides ample space to walk, run, fish or bike.

Tags: Wetlands & Floodplain, Ohio