PermaTrak Engineering Layouts

Sample Engineering Layouts - PermaTrak Typical Sections

Click below to download a PDF sample of PermaTrak's engineering details, include plan views, typical cross sections and a complete set of boardwalk construction documents. 

This free 15-page PDF contains several sets of boardwalk drawing examples, including:

  • Typical plan, elevation and cross sections for PermaTrak's concrete boardwalk system
  • 4 sheets of typical concrete boardwalk plans - including straight and curved boardwalks with railing or curb connections
  • 7-page set of complete boardwalk construction drawings, on a shallow footing foundation

download sample boardwalk drawings

Note: If you need a custom set of drawings specific to your project, contact our engineering team for boardwalk design and layout assistance. 

Horizontal Alignment - Minimum Radiicurving boardwalk alignment

PermaTrak's skewed treads allow designers to incorporate curving sections of boardwalk into their trail or greenway projects. How can you know if a PermaTrak boardwalk will allow for a tight enough radius to match your trail's intended alignment?

Curved alignments are accommodated by creating a series of wedge shaped treads. The degree of a turn is unlimited and simply depends on the quantity of wedge shaped treads.

Horizontal alignment on a PermaTrak structure can be achieved with a curvilinear or deflection angle approach. A curvilinear approach uses wedge-shaped treads to approximate the trail alignment. A deflection angle approach uses sharp instantaneous turns to reroute the centerline.

PermaTrak has the flexibility to allow the design to decide which method is best for the project.

Concrete Boardwalk Curved Alignment Photos