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Welcome! PermaTrak's Boardwalk Blog is for landscape architects, engineers, and parks & recreation professionals. We aim to provide educational resources on boardwalk design, boardwalk materials and construction practices for building trail and greenway systems. In reading our weekly posts, you will deepen your knowledge of commercial boardwalk materials and improve your overall understanding of boardwalk construction practices.

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Event: Wolf Lake Boardwalk Construction in Hammond, IN

City of Hammond Bike Trail Map resized 600

As a connection for the Wolf Lake Trail in Hammond, IN, the Wolf Lake Boardwalk is nearly complete. Stretching 1,050 LF, the structure is now believed to be the longest pedestrian bridge in the Midwest.

Multi-Use Trail Design: 6 Economic Benefits

Multi Use Path Economic Benefit

Skeptics may wonder what true benefit there is in having trail systems and greenways in a community. They look nice, yes, but do they add real, tangible value to a city or town? The answer is a resounding yes. A multi-use trail design has a consistent, positive impact both in the community and in the economy. Constructing trails and green spaces in our communities is a worthwhile long-term investment.

Boardwalk Material Warranties: Wood vs. Composite vs. Concrete

boardwalk warranty

If you are a designer, landscape architect or business owner looking to begin a new boardwalk project, you know that it is a big undertaking and a significant investment in time and money. Every decision you make now is important, but perhaps most important is the type of boardwalk material you specify for use. This choice will affect not only your planning and installation process now, but also your maintenance and repairs for years to come. 

5 Tips for Evaluating & Improving City Parks: Trust for Public Land

cleveland city park

Public parks are an essential component to a healthy and thriving city. Parks offer opportunities for fitness, relaxation and community building, giving children a place to play and adults a place to stay active. They incorporate green spaces, playgrounds, multi use trails, and open areas for sports and recreation to give city residents the chance to enjoy their natural surroundings.  

Boardwalk Construction: Who Can Install a Concrete Boardwalk?

boardwalk construction detailed plans resized 600

Designers and owners who research boardwalk materials and boardwalk construction methods will find that PermaTrak is a fairly new product, and the precast concrete components are quite significantly heavier than wood or composite boardwalk materials. Does this mean installing contractors must be recommended by PermaTrak or “pre-certified” to install the boardwalk system? Absolutely not!

Boardwalk Construction Estimates: How Much Does a Boardwalk Cost?

boardwalk construction cost estimates

The most popular questions we receive during trade shows, lunch presentations or an individual meeting are:  “How much does this boardwalk system cost?” and “What is a rough boardwalk cost estimate per linear foot?” 

Boardwalk Railings: What Types of Railings Does PermaTrak Offer?

Stainless Steel Railing   Transparent resized 600

While PermaTrak is a provider of boardwalk and elevated greenway systems, we work with quite a few different railing systems in conjunction with our boardwalk product. With hundreds of boardwalk railing options available, this article will review the railing's function on a commercial boardwalk, 3 common options for connecting the railing to the PermaTrak system, and several boardwalk railing material and style options.

Does a Concrete Boardwalk Cost More with a Curved Alignment?

curving boardwalk permatrak overlay resized 600

If you’re in a conceptual design stage for a trail, greenway or boardwalk segment, you may be wondering about the available turning radii for different boardwalk products. Here are some of the most common questions that come up in the concept stage when designing for a concrete boardwalk system.

Boardwalk Design: Engineering Fees for Construction Documents?

boardwalk design construction document big walnut resized 600

Our engineering support plays a major role in the design document and construction document stages, so we like to let people know how we operate in advance. When the design document stage begins, we consult with the designer on the applicable design codes and the live load requirements– this could be a 90 psf pedestrian loading, H5 truck (10,000 lb vehicle), H10 truck (20,000 lb. vehicle), or more. We prefer to partner with the specifying landscape architect or engineer, by offering:

Boardwalk Construction: Annie Jones Greenway in Cary, NC

Annie Jones Greenway Boardwalk Construction map

The Town of Cary, NC is continuing to develop an expansive multi use trail system (nearly 70 miles of greenways) with enhancements to the Annie Jones Greenway.

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