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Welcome! PermaTrak's Boardwalk Blog is for landscape architects, engineers, and parks & recreation professionals. We aim to provide educational resources on boardwalk design, boardwalk materials and construction practices for building trail and greenway systems. In reading our weekly posts, you will deepen your knowledge of commercial boardwalk materials and improve your overall understanding of boardwalk construction practices.

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Boardwalk Construction Estimates: How Much Does a Boardwalk Cost?

boardwalk construction cost estimates

The most popular questions we receive during trade shows, lunch presentations or an individual meeting are:  “How much does this boardwalk system cost?” and “What is a rough boardwalk cost estimate per linear foot?” 

Boardwalk Railings: What Types of Railings Does PermaTrak Offer?

Stainless Steel Railing   Transparent resized 600

While PermaTrak is a provider of boardwalk and elevated greenway systems, we work with quite a few different railing systems in conjunction with our boardwalk product. With hundreds of boardwalk railing options available, this article will review the railing's function on a commercial boardwalk, 3 common options for connecting the railing to the PermaTrak system, and several boardwalk railing material and style options.

Does a Concrete Boardwalk Cost More with a Curved Alignment?

curving boardwalk permatrak overlay resized 600

If you’re in a conceptual design stage for a trail, greenway or boardwalk segment, you may be wondering about the available turning radii for different boardwalk products. Here are some of the most common questions that come up in the concept stage when designing for a concrete boardwalk system.

Boardwalk Design: Engineering Fees for Construction Documents?

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Our engineering support plays a major role in the design document and construction document stages, so we like to let people know how we operate in advance. When the design document stage begins, we consult with the designer on the applicable design codes and the live load requirements– this could be a 90 psf pedestrian loading, H5 truck (10,000 lb vehicle), H10 truck (20,000 lb. vehicle), or more. We prefer to partner with the specifying landscape architect or engineer, by offering:

Boardwalk Construction: Annie Jones Greenway in Cary, NC

Annie Jones Greenway Boardwalk Construction map

The Town of Cary, NC is continuing to develop an expansive multi use trail system (nearly 70 miles of greenways) with enhancements to the Annie Jones Greenway.

What Kind of Maintenance is Required for a Concrete Boardwalk?

concrete boardwalk reliable surface resized 600

Boardwalk decks are designed for exterior use, constantly exposed to the reality of harsh weather and the effects of nature. Most public walkways and trail systems require annual maintenance to continue to look nice, function correctly and remain safe. What maintenance is required for a concrete boardwalk?

How Can I Design a Concrete Boardwalk for Uplift Forces?

timber boardwalk floodplain uplift resized 600

One of the most popular questions I hear from engineers is “How do you design for uplift?” To properly understand how to design for uplift, let’s first understand what forces we are talking about. Some are intuitive while others are not quite as obvious. The following are 6 common forces causing uplift on a boardwalk:

Is a Concrete Boardwalk Durable Enough to Withstand Salt Exposure?

winter climate concrete boardwalk resized 600

I've had multiple conversations recently about applying salt during the winter months to our boardwalk system. I decided to post an email exchange about this topic for those who are considering a boardwalk application in an area with harsh winter climates. 

Do Concrete Boardwalks Crack? Lessons From a Structural Engineer

engineering team meeting

Often in our meetings and presentations, people want to know, "Do you have problems with cracking in your concrete boardwalks?" It's a fair question-- people see cracks in sidewalks, parking garages, temporary highway barriers, etc. Nobody wants to see big, ugly cracks in the walking surface of a new boardwalk application. I've spent the last 20+ years of my professional life designing precast concrete structures and I wanted to dive into this issue to explain two things:

Event: First Concrete Boardwalk Installation for Massachusetts DOT

Norwottuck Rail Trail Map resized 600

The rehabilitation and extension of the Norwottuck Rail Trail, originally opened in 1992, will continue this fall before reopening in 2014. This reconstruction effort will include a widening of the trail, improved crossing signage, bridge redecking and a PermaTrak boardwalk providing 130 linear feet of connectivity over a wetland area. With over 12' of usable space, the boardwalk extends a bustling multi use path that originally stretched from Northampton to Amherst. Today the trail gives pedestrians and cyclists access to Belchertown in the east and Easthampton in the south. 

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