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Boardwalk with "Sandblast" Slip Resistant Texture - Charlotte, NC

Between McMullen Creek Greenway, Lower McAlpine Greenway and Four Mile Creek Greenway, Mecklenburg County, NC Parks & Recreation boasts a 5.8 mile greenway system in south Charlotte. The greenway system meanders through wetland areas with unique birds and butterflies. Local enthusiasts were excited to have the concrete boardwalk portion installed in 2012, connecting with a steel truss bridge through a wetland/floodplain area and over McAlpine Creek. 

A 90 LF timber boardwalk was previously installed on the same site in 2008, and both structures are routinely under water due to the floodplain. These local Charlotte residents talked with us about how they enjoy using the greenway, and their opinions on the two different boardwalk materials.  

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For more on Charlotte's first concrete boardwalk, read about the design process at the McMullen Creek Greenway. For more details on PermaTrak's slip resistant Sandblast texture, click here

Read the full video transcript below:

"I like walking on the boardwalks. I mean, you feel like you're part of nature when you do that."

"I was so incredibly happy when this thing was constructed. And it's beautiful. I mean, it's a pleasure to walk on here."

"I do like it. It feels very soft, it feels very good. I have back issues, so I have to be careful where I walk, and this is perfect."

"So I like that it's a pretty smooth, connecter. In some places they have gravel and stuff, but I never am nervous about this part."

"Much more solid and supported my stride much better."

"Obviously this seems preferable. It seems like it wouldn't get as slippery, but definitely, definitely more stable."

"They always bother me, especially with the baby, because I don't know if it's to do with the flooding, but the wood and the nails are peaking out and yeah it's a bit with the baby."

"I keep saying to myself, "The guy that did this thing really knew what he was doing." And I felt that way, way back when they first constructed it, I said, "These guys are going to do something good here." And I was so happy to see, the day I walked out here and finally found that I could actually go across, you know when it was completed."

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