Connecticut Concrete Boardwalk Photos

Elevated Boardwalk at Smith Middle School Greenway  - Glastonbury, CT 

Durability and safety were the two key factors to consider when extending an existing path through a Glastonbury wetland area.

As the area is a popular route for bikers and joggers, Glastonbury’s engineers chose a skid-resistant Sandblast PermaTrak finish to help prevent bike tires from losing grip on the winding trail design - even in shaded, wet areas.


Farmington Canal Heritage Trail - New Haven, CT

The Farmington Canal Heritage Trail is Connecticut DOT-designed project featuring roughly 850 total feet of boardwalk surface that is rated for H-15 (30,000 lb.) vehicles. The trail also features a 256 square ft. observation deck looks out onto the trail's abutting water source - a perfect spot for walkers, bikers or rollerbladers to take a break. 

PermaTrak Project Map