Boardwalk Construction: Annie Jones Greenway in Cary, NC

Posted: October 10, 2013
Annie Jones Greenway Boardwalk Construction map

The Town of Cary, NC is continuing to develop an expansive multi use trail system (nearly 70 miles of greenways) with enhancements to the Annie Jones Greenway.

Made up of 4 trail segments that total 1.11 miles, this fall's trail renovations are designed to bring Annie Jones Greenway up to current Town of Cary greenway standards. Phase I construction completed in 2011 included replacement of undersized culverts and 0.4 miles of asphalt paving from Cary Parkway to Tarbert Drive. The current Phase II renovations include new asphalt paving for 0.3 miles, improved trail drainage, landscaping, and two new PermaTrak concrete boardwalk structures.

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The Town of Cary's multi use trail design included two PermaTrak boardwalk trail crossings.

Annie Jones greenway Boardwalk construction resized 600

These photos show the boardwalk construction progress by Narron Contracting, Inc. in late September. As one of the boardwalks is constructed adjacent to a stream, the cast-in-place pier foundations extend below the stream bottom to prevent erosion issues over time. Also shown are galvanized steel brackets to be top-mounted on the concrete boardwalk, serving as the template for a timber railing system. boardwalk construction steel railing bracket resized 600

Amy Mackintosh, a Landscape Architect for the Town of Cary added, "These upgrades will help to reduce the long-term maintenance costs of Annie Jones Greenway, ensuring it can be enjoyed by many citizens in the future." 

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