Multi Use Boardwalk Construction at Atwood Lake Park, OH

Posted: August 16, 2016

Boardwalk Construction at Atwood Lake Park, Ohio

PermaTrak concrete boardwalk construction on the northern point of Atwood Lake in Ohio is nearing completion. The multi use boardwalk bridges a segment of the lake, connecting the trail to the newly constructed Atwood Welcome Center. This addition gives park goers the ability to bike, jog and hike across the lake’s boardwalk as a continuation of the trail.boardwalk_construction__atwood_lake_park_ohio_2.jpg

The concrete boardwalk is a spacious 13 ft. 4 in. wide with aluminum railing on either side, allowing for 12 ft. 1 in. of usable space. The boardwalk design called for PermaTrak’s 20 ft. beams, which provided a cost savings to the owner by requiring fewer driven timber piles.boardwalk_construction__atwood_lake_park_ohio.jpg

Installed by Dennison Bridge Inc., this 480 LF of multi use boardwalk is part of the over 1,000 LF of the park’s most recently constructed trail segment, the remainder of which is paved asphalt.

The project owner, Muskingum Watershed Conservatory District, wanted to join the park’s trail system to the Welcome Center. boardwalk_construction_documents_atwood_lake.pngPennoni's design team from the Akron, OH office collaborated with PermaTrak to design the boardwalk system to fit the park’s needs, extending the boardwalk towards the Welcome Center’s parking lot.

According to the MWDC, the boardwalk bridge is one of the Atwood Lake Park’s multiple construction and maintenance upgrades to be completed as part of the $18.5 million slated for park improvements.

More about Atwood Lake Park - Mineral City, Ohio

A short drive from Ohio’s metro cities, Atwood Lake Park offers 500 camping sites, a selection of vacation cabins and three different outdoor pavilions. Those taking advantage of the park can enjoy the park’s dog park, basketball court, boat rental, swimming beach and the brand new kayak/canoe launch point located on the new trail next to the boardwalk.

PermaTrak’s boardwalk provides citizens not only a scenic waterside view of the lake, but also greater connectivity throughout the park with functional access to the park’s many outdoor amenities.

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