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Whitpain Township Enhances Trail Network with Pedestrian Bridges

Posted by Jason Philbin on March 14, 2017

Five PermaTrak Boardwalks and Bridges in Whitpain Township - Blue Bell, PA

Whitpain Township’s master Trail Network Plan includes five different PermaTrak structures: three varying-sized boardwalks (all 9 ft. wide with 8 ft. of clearance, ranging in length from 24 to 300 linear feet (LF) at roughly 18 in. above grade), and two pedestrian bridges (both 9 ft. wide, one 12 LF and one 24 LF).

The PermaTrak boardwalks and pedestrian bridges are the first precast concrete boardwalks to be installed in Pennsylvania. 

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Wetland Boardwalk Materials - Design & Construction [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Carrie Parada on April 15, 2015

Comparing Pressure-Treated Timber, Composite and Concrete Boardwalks in Wetland Areas

Wetlands contain valuable and delicate ecosystems that must be preserved. Any boardwalk or pedestrian bridge built over a wetland must leave a minimal impact on the environment, no matter which material is specified. If possible, using top-down construction in a wetland area can have several benefits, numbered 1-3 below.   

You'll also find a pros and cons list comparing different boardwalk decking materials that can be used in a wetland area. Keep in mind, these bullet points are geared towards commercial boardwalk or pedestrian bridge projects through wetland areas, not residential applications. 

PermaTrak offers a cost-effective, maintenance free solution to designing and constructing boardwalks in wetland areas, with a low-impact on the surrounding environment. Below is a simple graphic to explain the benefits of designing and specifying a concrete boardwalk through sensitive wetland areas.

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Can Precast Concrete Piers Be Used for a Wetland Boardwalk?

Posted by Jason Philbin on October 1, 2014

Boardwalk Site Conditions: Wetlands, Grasslands and Floodplain

If you have experience designing projects for park & recreation clients, trail systems or greenways, I’m sure you can appreciate how much site conditions influence your design concepts.

For architects and engineers with boardwalks or pedestrian bridge projects in their portfolios, delicate environments come up often – including wetlands, grasslands or floodplain areas. Designers are hired for their expertise in specifying a boardwalk or pedestrian bridge product through these types of natural environments in order to provide a safe walkway for visitors, an “outdoor classroom”, or simply a connection to another part of the trail system. These project locations dictate the design and specification of an elevated structure; a traditional gravel or asphalt surface simply won’t suffice.

So how do the site conditions relate to designing boardwalk foundations through a wetland area?

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Wetland Boardwalk Construction: Timber vs. Composite vs. Concrete

Posted by Stephen Beach on February 10, 2014

Landscape architects and engineers who are interested in building boardwalks over wetlands often have several concerns: the environmental impact of the boardwalk construction process, the appearance of the finished product and the long-term impact of the boardwalk material to the surrounding wetlands. It’s vital to consider which materials to use in building boardwalks over wetlands and what sort of impression they will leave on the ecosystem.

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Designing and Building Wetland Boardwalks – Top Down Construction

Posted by Fritz Fromherz on July 2, 2013

Designers working on wetland boardwalks often approach us with similar questions as we kick off the conversation. Their clients may also ask us directly: how can we simplify the permitting process? How can we provide access to a wetland area without harming the wetland itself?

Both questions and their answers should be discussed in the concept phase of the design. Wetlands can be protected during the construction phase by designing the boardwalk to be installed from above, otherwise known as “top down construction.” 

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Boardwalks Through Wetland, Marsh or Mangrove: Installation Impact

Posted by Stephen Beach on March 26, 2012

In our consultations with planners, civil engineers, and landscape architects we often talk about projects that are designed to enhance a visitor's experience with a sensitive natural environment such as a mangrove or wetland area. We hear the questions, "What if I am designing through a sensitive area?" or "I don't want to disturb the area - can this product be installed with top-down construction?" Meandering boardwalk designs through wetlands or sensitive preserve areas can allow an architect or engineer to provide pedestrians with an up close and personal connection to an area left in its natural state.

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Beckett Park's Concrete Boardwalk Part II: Boardwalk Over Wetlands

Posted by Stephen Beach on May 2, 2011

May, 2011. Picture taking your children to a neighborhood park with the whole package in tow: bikes, picnic lunches, possibly the family dog, and that nifty new camera that desperately needs to be broken in.

Here’s a would-you-rather (one of our favorite ways to kick-start an article): would you rather walk around the edges of the ponds and wetland areas with a viewing platform to look over the water?  Or would you like to be surrounded by water as you stroll over a boardwalk through wetlands?  Woolpert Inc. and West Chester Township’s recent decision to request an additional section of PermaTrak boardwalk would enable you to do both!

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Concrete boardwalk the ideal solution for wetlands walkway

Posted by Jason Philbin on March 15, 2010

The Rocla PermaTrak concrete boardwalk system provided a cost-effective solution for Wyndham Council when it replaced a timber boardwalk at Heathdale Glen Orden Wetlands in Werribee, Victoria.

First priority for the council was a boardwalk that was highly resistant to vandalism. The two previous boardwalks in the wetlands were subject to extensive fire damage, as well as water damage, resulting in the removal of one of the boardwalks. Another problem was reactive clay soils that had pushed the timber footings out of the ground, making the existing boardwalk uneven and hazardous for users.

A third major criterion was aesthetic. The old timber boardwalk was made up of linear sections which zigzagged across the wetlands.

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