PermaTrak Project Profiles: Concrete Boardwalks and Pedestrian Bridges

Since its introduction to the US and Canada in 2010, landscape architects and engineers have designed commercial projects using the PermaTrak concrete boardwalk system for various types of applications: fishing piers, urban walkways over sensitive tree roots, pedestrian bridges, elevated greenways, wetland boardwalks and more. The project profiles below share specific boardwalk design and construction challenges. Enjoy!

Wolf Lake Trail Crossings

For the Wolf Lake South Trail in Indiana, swale crossings were needed in several low-lying areas to prevent water from overtopping the trail and hindering natural drainage.

Tags: Stream Crossings & Pedestrian Bridges, Indiana

Wolf Lake Boardwalk

The Wolf Lake Trail was missing a link between the North Trail and South Trail and needed an elevated crossing to loop over Wolf Lake.

Tags: Indiana, Lakes & Lagoons

Hampton Park

Both the City of Charleston and Charleston County work to create safe walkways for pedestrians while protecting these trees from damage.

Tags: South Carolina, Urban

Osprey Harbor Village

A coastal observation deck would give villa owners water access and an area to relax, but traditional boardwalk materials would deteriorate over time.

Tags: Coastal, Florida


Riverside Drive Park

The Parks and Open Space Department needed a durable material that was a cost-effective and long-term solution the city could rely on.

Tags: Stream Crossings & Pedestrian Bridges, Ohio

Judaculla Rock

Jackson County Parks and Rec. needed an observation deck to: prevent damage from foot traffic, enhance visitor experience, and appease the Judaculla giant.

Tags: North Carolina, Observation Platforms

Hurricane Creek

Lose & Associates evaluated several pedestrian bridge types for the Hurricane Creek Greenway, searching for a long-term, quick-to-install structure.

Tags: Stream Crossings & Pedestrian Bridges, Tennessee

Glastonbury Multi-Use Trail

A safe and durable boardwalk section was needed to extend a new multi-use path through a protected wetland area in Glastonbury, CT.

Tags: Boardwalks, Connecticut

Beckett Park

Beckett Park gives visitors an extensive trail system that provides ample space to walk, run, fish or bike.

Tags: Wetlands & Floodplain, Ohio


Mellow Mushroom Restaurant

Elevated walkway designed to handle years of use from commercial equipment while protecting Hilton Head's signature trees.

Tags: Boardwalks, South Carolina