PermaTrak Pedestrian Bridge Installed at Camp Creek Greenway (Georgia)

Posted: March 2, 2016

The City of Lilburn recently completed several upgrades to its Camp Creek Greenway Trail, including a pedestrian bridge design that is new to Georgia. And more improvements are on the way...The greenway was first constructed in 2007 along Camp Creek in Lilburn City Park. It now stretches a total of 4.2 miles between Killian Hill Road and Rockbridge Road. Because the greenway was built in floodplain, seven boardwalks elevate walkers, runners, and cyclists above the marshy areas and streams.


The ongoing cost of maintaining the wooden boardwalks sparked the city’s interest in PermaTrak as a maintenance-free precast concrete boardwalk product. The 40-foot replacement bridge is PermaTrak's first installation in Georgia. This PermaTrak pedestrian bridge at Camp Creek Greenway includes 11 ft. 3 in. long treads, allowing 10 ft. of usable space between railings, made of galvanized steel uprights and stainless steel cable strands. The bridge was installed on a micropile foundation system.

The wood boardwalk at Camp Creek Greenway was installed just nine years ago but had shown significant wear and tear, prompting the City of Lilburn and their design consultant, Jacobs Engineering, to search for a more long-term solution. Occasional deck boards had already been replaced, and other wood components under the decking showed signs of rotting and decay. PermaTrak is a durable alternative to wood that requires no annual maintenance. Though the upfront cost of concrete was greater for this pedestrian bridge design, the City of Lilburn understood the long-term value of investing in a product that will last more than 50 years.

With engineering support from PermaTrak, the Jacobs Engineering design team also found they could eliminate a pier foundation that was previously in the middle of the stream. Designing the pedestrian bridge to include a 20-foot beam over the stream meant the city no longer needed to worry about debris running downstream and hitting the pier. 

Future boardwalk upgrades, possibly using PermaTrak, are being planned to take place over the next five years. The city is adding drainage improvements to the trail, and will ramp up day-to-day efforts to clear the trail of mud and debris after heavy rainfall.

Mayor Johnny Crist said, "Lilburn residents are very active and treasure the Camp Creek Greenway Trail as the city's most prized amenity. The City of Lilburn will continue to invest in the health of the greenway."

This article is shared with permission from the City of Lilburn, GA. For more information on the Camp Creek Greenway Trail, visit the City of Lilburn Parks page or the Camp Creek Greenway Facebook page 

Another PermaTrak installation in Georgia will soon be underway in Atlanta, at Adams Park near Emory University. Sign up to receive construction updates here.  

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