Tampa's Largest Park Renovation: Using PermaTrak Over Tree Roots

Posted: May 21, 2018

Julian B. Lane Park Expands, Including a PermaTrak Elevated Walkway


As part of the recent renovation at Tampa’s Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park, PermaTrak has come alongside the city’s designers, engineers and landscape architects to install an elevated concrete walkway, which park-goers can use to enjoy the new sites and amenities.

The park’s $35 million renovation marks the most funding the City of Tampa has ever dedicated to a park. The new Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park, opened to the public in May 2018, offers the community new access for kayaks, boating and aquatic sports, as well as tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, a multi-use football field, areas for lacrosse and soccer and a performance pavilion with green spaces for concerts.julian-b-lane-concrete-boardwalk

PermaTrak Boardwalk over Sensitive Live Oak Tree Root Systems

PermaTrak worked alongside Civitas, Inc., Stantec, Westfall Construction and Skanska to bring a critical feature to the 23-acre park.

The elevated design removes the impact on the roots of the beautiful oak trees forming the shady canopy. In the past, these roots have been at conflict with traditional pavers, creating an uneven walkway and obstructing the growth of the trees. Atop a load-bearing beam and the low-impact footers, PermaTrak helped Civitas and Stantec design a ten-foot-wide concrete tread with occasional bump-outs for benches. 

Modular Boardwalk System Installed with Light Equipment

Westfall Construction finished installation in late July 2017 on a concrete boardwalk system that offers nearly 200 yards of safe, even walkway through the park. 

Built with PermaTrak’s precast concrete pier foundation system, steel reinforced precast concrete beams and treads, and precast concrete curbs, the boardwalk is a durable solution that Tampa’s community will be able to enjoy for years to come.

For a closer look at the installation, view the video above of the PermaTrak boardwalk construction process.

Watch below to hear from Jarrett Westfall of Westfall Construction on what it takes to install a PermaTrak boardwalk. 

PermaTrak Concrete Boardwalk Projects with City of Tampa, FL

“The City of Tampa had past experience with using our system in similar tree root applications,” said Jason Philbin, President of PermaTrak, Inc. “Our flexible modular boardwalk system not only fit nicely within the natural tree canopy, but met the City’s strict requirement to not disturb the protected tree’s roots. We worked with the city’s arborist to identify critical tree roots for pier locations and were able to install this boardwalk with small construction equipment. Additionally, our product’s 10-year warranty provided the City confidence in their decision to use this concrete solution.”

Now that the project is officially open, the public can anticipate enjoying an impressive and serene outdoor space in the heart of Tampa.  

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