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Carrie Parada

Carrie joined the PermaTrak team in early 2015 as a Technical Sales Consultant, following previous positions with CONTECH as a bridge project engineer and with her family as a do-it-all stay-at-home mother of 3 boys. Carrie’s hobbies include Crossfit, running, coaching her boys in baseball and basketball, and beating her boys in baseball and basketball whenever they get too cocky!

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Featured Designer: Auggie Wong, ASLA, PLA (July 2016)

Posted by Carrie Parada on July 30, 2016

July 2016's feature designer is Augustine Wong, PLA, ASLA, who has 25 years of experience as a landscape architect. We recently spoke with Auggie about his background in urban design and urban planning, and how that impacts his design style for greenway and large trail projects. He also shares how his "visual thinking" process works as a time-saving tactic.

Note: The PermaTrak featured designer article series showcases top performing landscape architects and engineers who discuss their design perspective, current projects, challenges and accomplishments. Do you know a top performing landscape architect or engineer you'd like to nominate? Send us a note in the footer of this page and we'll be in touch!

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Topics: Multi Use Trails and Greenways, News

Featured Designer: Scott Sonnenberg, PE, LA, CPESC, CPSWQ (June 2016)

Posted by Carrie Parada on June 15, 2016

Scott Sonnenberg, PE, LA, CPESC, CPSWQ, owns his own engineering design firm in Columbus, Ohio, called Eco-Design and Engineering. We recently spoke to Scott about his background in landscape architecture, his biggest challenges, and his favorite accomplishments in the field.

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Topics: News, Sustainability/Environmentally Friendly

Featured Designer: Norman Robertson, P.E., PMP (May 2016)

Posted by Carrie Parada on May 12, 2016

Norman Robertson, P.E., PMP, works as a project manager in the Florida Water Infrastructure group of Atkins in Sarasota, FL. We spoke with Norm recently about his experience as a civil engineer, his design style, and some of his most interesting projects.

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Topics: News

Urban Greenspaces on the Rise: Cleveland’s Zone Recreation Center

Posted by Carrie Parada on April 14, 2016

An ongoing trend in big cities is the development of sustainable greenspaces, which add to the attractiveness and health of urban communities. In Cleveland, a complete transformation of the Michael J. Zone Recreation Center helped not only create a model for healthy urban spaces, but also contributed to the revitalization of the neighborhood.

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Topics: Sustainability/Environmentally Friendly

PermaTrak Pedestrian Bridge Installed at Camp Creek Greenway (Georgia)

Posted by Carrie Parada on March 2, 2016

The City of Lilburn recently completed several upgrades to its Camp Creek Greenway Trail, including a pedestrian bridge design that is new to Georgia. And more improvements are on the way...

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Topics: Multi Use Trails and Greenways

Life Cycle Maintenance Costs: PermaTrak vs. Wood/Composite Decking

Posted by Carrie Parada on October 20, 2015

Specifying a Commercial Product for the Long Haul

Without a life cycle maintenance analysis, how do you know if the product you specify makes for a smart investment?

An investment takes into account the long-term implications of using the product: how it performs over time and how much ongoing maintenance it will require for the product to function as designed. This applies not just for boardwalks- but for splash pads, benches, railings, playground equipment, etc. When these products are specified for commercial park or trail projects, designers who perform the research and analyze the life cycle costs are creating a value for their clients.

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Topics: Boardwalk Materials, Boardwalk Durability/Maintenance

How to Run a Cost Estimate For Your Commercial Boardwalk Project

Posted by Carrie Parada on August 28, 2015

Are you running a cost estimate for a boardwalk or pedestrian bridge project? 

If so, keep in mind that the final construction cost will be based on more than the decking material. To get a sense for the "all in" price of your structure, pay attention to the following variables:

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Topics: Concrete Boardwalk Questions, Boardwalk Cost

Commercial Boardwalk Materials: An Honest Comparison [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Carrie Parada on August 10, 2015

When it comes to the big three commercial boardwalk materials (wood, composite decking and concrete), the competition is steep. We realize it can be difficult to find reliable information through the plethora of sales pitches, discussions at trade shows, online or print ads. Sugarcoated or incomplete information can make more work for designers or owners researching their boardwalk or pedestrian bridge options.

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Topics: Boardwalk Materials, Boardwalk Durability/Maintenance

Boardwalk & Pedestrian Bridge Widths: 5' to 14' Clearance [Photos]

Posted by Carrie Parada on August 6, 2015

If you are an architect or engineer designing a boardwalk or pedestrian bridge, you may have a specific clearance width in mind. The dozens of professional designers I talk with each week tell me, "I need an 8' clearance or a 10' clearance for my trail project." Does this sound familiar?

If you have reached the point of determining the structure's clear width requirement, you may be wondering, "What is the minimum width for a PermaTrak boardwalk?" or "Can a PermaTrak boardwalk be produced for a custom width?"  

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Topics: Boardwalk Design

Wetland Boardwalk Materials - Design & Construction [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Carrie Parada on April 15, 2015

Comparing Pressure-Treated Timber, Composite and Concrete Boardwalks in Wetland Areas

Wetlands contain valuable and delicate ecosystems that must be preserved. Any boardwalk or pedestrian bridge built over a wetland must leave a minimal impact on the environment, no matter which material is specified. If possible, using top-down construction in a wetland area can have several benefits, numbered 1-3 below.   

You'll also find a pros and cons list comparing different boardwalk decking materials that can be used in a wetland area. Keep in mind, these bullet points are geared towards commercial boardwalk or pedestrian bridge projects through wetland areas, not residential applications. 

PermaTrak offers a cost-effective, maintenance free solution to designing and constructing boardwalks in wetland areas, with a low-impact on the surrounding environment. Below is a simple graphic to explain the benefits of designing and specifying a concrete boardwalk through sensitive wetland areas.

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Topics: Boardwalk Design, Boardwalk Construction, Wetland Boardwalks

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