What Details Are Needed to Prepare A Set of PermaTrak Boardwalk Plans?

Posted on May 10, 2016

Engineers and designers often ask what they need to provide for us to begin design documents for their PermaTrak pedestrian bridge or boardwalk system.boardwalk_design_documents_getting_started.png

I'm Jason Philbin, P.E. and PermaTrak President, and in the video below I talk about what project details our engineering team would need to get started. Click to watch below and send us a note in the footer of this page if you have any questions. 

Key Takeaways:

  • The approximate centerline alignment of your boardwalk will help us determine the tread overlay
  • A geotechnical report will allow us to consider the best foundation type for your boardwalk
  • The geometric needs of your project (for example, how wide of a clearance?) will help us choose the width of tread
  • A profile of the area showing vertical alignment helps to address slope considerations
  • Once we have an idea of what the boardwalk will look like from the above factors, we can recommend railing options and determine how it will attach to the concrete boardwalk system

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