What Details Are Needed to Prepare A Set of PermaTrak Boardwalk Plans?

Posted by Jason Philbin on May 10, 2016

Engineers and designers often ask what they need to provide for us to begin design documents for their PermaTrak pedestrian bridge or boardwalk system. I'm Jason Philbin, P.E. and PermaTrak President, and in the video below I talk about ...

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Topics: Boardwalk Design

Are PermaTrak Concrete Boardwalks Colored or Stained?

Posted by Fritz Fromherz on September 24, 2014

If you are a landscape architect busy conceptualizing a boardwalk or pedestrian bridge project, you're probably thinking about colors and textures - and wondering whether our concrete boardwalk product can be colored, stained or sealed?  

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Top 3 Benefits of PermaTrak's Concrete Boardwalk System

Posted by Jason Philbin on August 28, 2014

Architects and engineers often come to PermaTrak when they have a specific design challenge they're addressing for a client. This is most often for a commercial boardwalk system or pedestrian bridge project. Over the years we've identified ...

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Boardwalk with "Sandblast" Slip Resistant Texture - Charlotte, NC

Posted by Jason Philbin on July 1, 2014

Note: the "sandblast" texture is no longer offered, but check out our other slip-resistant PermaTrak textures. Between McMullen Creek Greenway, Lower McAlpine Greenway and Four Mile Creek Greenway, Mecklenburg County, NC Parks & ...

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Topics: Multi Use Trails and Greenways

3 Applications Where Concrete Boardwalks Are Not a Good Fit

Posted by Jason Philbin on June 25, 2014

If you're researching boardwalk or pedestrian bridge materials, you're probably comparing wood (timber) decking vs. composite decking vs. concrete. Building materials perform best when they are utilized in very specific capacities and ...

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Boardwalk at Wolf Lake Trail in Hammond, IN - Leon's Triathlon

Posted by Jason Philbin on June 17, 2014

On June 1, 2014 the PermaTrak boardwalk at Wolf Lake saw its heaviest action to date by camera crews on motorcycles and golf carts following hundreds of runners during the first race of Chicagoland's Tri Series, Leon's "World's Fastest" ...

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General Contractors & PermaTrak Boardwalk Construction - Questions

Posted by Fritz Fromherz on May 15, 2014

Do general contractors need to be pre-certified to install PermaTrak? Is a concrete boardwalk difficult to install for the first time, for a team that hasn't installed PermaTrak before? Fritz Fromherz discusses types of general contractors ...

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Topics: Boardwalk Construction