PermaTrak® For Engineers


As an engineer, you understand the benefits reinforced precast concrete offers as a building material. The PermaTrak boardwalk system is designed with individual precast concrete components in order to take advantage of those qualities - durability, longevity and lack of required maintenance.

As a cost-competitive alternative to boardwalks constructed with traditional wood or composite decking, there are several key design differences between timber and concrete boardwalks to be aware of. You can review those design differences in this article, which includes an in-depth explanation of timber vs. concrete boardwalk design considerations. These include:

  • design codes

  • structural capability

  • industry standards

  • life expectancy

PermaTrak Boardwalk System Components


For more technical boardwalk design information - see more specific categories listed below:



Technical specifications for publicly funded projects

As you probably realize, publicly funded (open bid) projects often disallow boardwalk or pedestrian bridge materials from being sole sourced. To date, all but one of our projects have been publicly funded and on each job a technical performance specification was used. Typically, accompanying the drawings is a performance technical specification that establishes the minimum standards of desired products for your boardwalk project. Learn more about specifications for publicly funded projects here