PermaTrak Boardwalks Photo Gallery

Concrete Boardwalk Photos - United States & Canada

PermaTrak started in 2010 as a small company with offices in North Carolina, Ohio, and Florida. As as result, you'll notice the majority of these concrete boardwalk photos reflect project installations across the Midwest, the East Coast and Florida.

As we have grown over the last few years, we have worked with designers and owners to design and produce concrete boardwalks across the US and Canada- including North Carolina, Florida, South Carolina, Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Missouri, Iowa, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, California, Ontario, and more. These concrete boardwalk projects range from stream crossings, wetland boardwalks, pedestrian bridges, and multi use trails. Have a look around, and let us know if you have any questions. 

If you'd like to visit a project site and see the PermaTrak product for yourself, you can view exact project locations at the bottom of this page on our concrete boardwalk project map.


  • farmington-canal-trail-permatrak-concrete-boardwalk-gallery-1.jpg
  • josey-lake-concrete-pedestrian-bridge-2-gallery.jpg
  • julian-b-lane-concrete-boardwalk.jpeg
  • quarry-park-pedestrian-bridges-1.jpg
  • Northampton-Hadley-Amherst-Rail-Trail-Boardwalk_18.jpg
  • footbridge_crossing_permatrak_rotary_trail_-4.jpg
  • upper_tampa_bay_trail_permatrak.jpg


  • farmington-canal-trail-permatrak-concrete-boardwalk-gallery-1.jpg
  • elliott-way-boardwalk-1.jpg
  • julian-b-lane-concrete-boardwalk.jpeg
  • Northampton-Hadley-Amherst-Rail-Trail-Boardwalk_10.jpg
  • beech_road_boardwalk_ohio.jpg
  • descanso_gardens_boardwalk_permatrak.jpg
  • upper-bee-branch-creek-1-800x600.jpg
  • beech-road-boardwalk-1.jpg
  • city-of-sarnia-boardwalk-2.jpg
  • barr-hammock-concrete-boardwalk-2.jpg


Lakes & Lagoons

  • josey-lake-concrete-pedestrian-bridge-2-gallery.jpg
  • pedestrian-bridge-design-phillips-creek-ranch-4.jpg
  • adams-park.jpg
  • keowee-key-fountain.jpg
  • Joplin-Park-permatrak-missouri.jpg
  • permatrak-concrete-boardwalk-siu-campus-lake-carbondale-il-800x600-1.jpg

Observation Platforms

  • russian ridge concrete boardwalk permatrak california.jpeg

Stream Crossings & Pedestrian Bridges

  • quarry-park-pedestrian-bridges-2.jpg
  • campbell-creek-pedestrian-bridges-1.jpg
  • pedestrian-bridge-design-light-farms-tributary-1-4.jpg
  • pedestrian-bridge-design-lake-front-trail-1.jpg
  • camp_creek_greenway_georgia_permatrak.jpg
  • permatrak_bridge_burns_mcdonnell.jpg
  • crescent_green_greenway_permatrak_8.jpg
  • cedar-trails-nc-2.jpg
  • smith-and-sanford-greenway-pedestrian-bridge-4.jpg

Urban (Boardwalks Over Tree Roots)

  • Rotary_Trail_footbridge_crossing_birmingham-_800.jpg
  • permatrak_boardwalk_stream_crossing_pisgah.jpg

Wetlands & Floodplain

  • pedestrian-bridge-design-clabber-creek-5.jpg
  • pedestrian-bridge-design-mansions-3eighty-3.jpg
  • flat branch preserve permatrak2.jpg
  • permatrak_wetland_boardwalk_tampa.jpg
  • PermaTrak_Borgognoni_06_V2.jpg
  • flat branch preserve permatrak-3.jpg
  • white_rock_creek_trail_-lo_res.jpg
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